Daughter got saved from Employment Scam

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Daughter got saved from Employment Scam

Post by zigeuner » Fri Nov 13, 2020 3:56 pm

Hello all. First post here. I hope this is the right place.

Daughter does online typing work and has for many years. With the Covid Virus. work has slowed and she wants more hours. She applied for a job on one of the well-known online employment sites. Soon she receives a response praising her resume. Scammer sends request for personal information, which she sends.

Next she receives a check in the mail for close to $3,000. Check is allegedly drawn on a real bank from a real company which, incidentally, has no relationship to the company allegedly offering the employment. Sender says to advance funds and purchase software program and a laptop from their company using a Whats App address. The check received has been deposited at the bank but the bank puts a 10 day hold on it. Thus, Daughter would have to advance funds from her own bank account.

At this point, Daughter tells me about the scheme and I correctly identify it as a scam. I advise her to shut it down so that nothing further is done on the matter. She agrees.

After no further action on Daughter's part, the scammer calls on the telephone and asks what is the holdup on the purchases?
Daughter tells him that he is a scammer and advises that he dry up. He denies this, but it's clear that he is not telling the truth since his address is in Texas, nowhere near where the putative employer is situated. Also, the scammer has the accent of an African person speaking English as a second language.

Daughter is disappointed but has no loss other than some personal information. Account numbers are changed and no loss will be incurred since she has taken steps to protect herself with a well-known ID security service.

I'm just posting this so that others may be informed and won't fall for this sort of thing. We have his email address and telephone number but are planning nothing further.

Comments? Please no abuse and do not use the word "stupid". :)

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Re: Daughter got saved from Employment Scam

Post by Kitty La Gore » Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:39 pm

Welcome, Zigeuner!

You won't encounter any abuse or needling from this group. In fact, I'm very impressed that you recognized the scam so quickly - we often hear of victims who have cashed several checks and are now deeply in debt when those checks bounce.

This site is dedicated to scambaiting, but I encourage you to contact our sister site, https://www.scamwarners.com - they are very supportive for those who have been victims to scams (or near-victims) and they can help you post some details anonymously so you can add to your awesome protection of your daughter by warning others of this scam as well.

Again, WELL DONE!! 8-) Props for great parenting, and thwarting a potential problem that could have caused early financial mishaps for her, as well as a potentially discouraging start to her financial goals. You're awesome!

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Re: Daughter got saved from Employment Scam

Post by Padme » Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:42 am

No further advice to add as Kitty covered it, but just wanted to extend my condolences that your daughter ran into scammers especially during this time. Great work spotting the scam and taking quick action to change the relevant account numbers, etc.
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Re: Daughter got saved from Employment Scam

Post by zigeuner » Mon Nov 16, 2020 5:01 pm

Thanks to Kitty La Gore and Padme for the kind responses. Yes, I have been watching over my daughter and helping her out since her divorce and I helped to shut down the scam when it reached the point where the miscreant was asking for money in advance of the phony check clearing the bank. He also suggested in a phone call for her to put the funds on a Walmart Gift Card. LOL.

I guess that there is little for the people of Nigeria and other similar sites to do on those hot nights. Apparently anyone with a used PC and a telephone line can get into "business" and start reaping the Internet for the more vulnerable.

Kudos to this site for providing a clearing house and fighting back against such chicanery. Thanks. :)

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