New vlad approach???

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New vlad approach???

Post by sparky905 » Sat Feb 27, 2021 12:59 pm

I know vlads are boring and slow moving baits. Lately though I've been receiving a new angle from them. Obedience. They no longer seem to be promoting themselves as educated, gorgeous, fun loving (though they are). They are subservient. This arrived this morning and seems to be a prime example of the new approach.

I`d like to be obedient and gentle to to you.
that is the main instinct of the woman,
to be near to the man and to be obedient to him.
that the woman can be happy, only if she lives thus.
Sadly, those are mere words. I instructed her not to go to the travel agency and pay for services. She did anyway. I told her to return and get a refund, she has not even acknowledged this message. Instead I told her I will pay all expenses at this end, and with my "air miles" rewards program, will get her a free plane ticket to Canada. She insists on spending money she doesn't have though, and that is a concern. She proclaims "obedience" but does whatever she wants anyway LOL

I suppose I should not be surprised. She is a licensed dentist and is moving to Canada to set up her own practice. However, she has proudly announced she will be making the princely sum of $500 a week as a dentist. So, while she has an education, I wonder about her business model for the clinic.

I just find lately these vlads are less about looks and "secret desires" and more about being obedient. An odd new approach, but even then it is the same old story!
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Re: New vlad approach???

Post by Bertje » Fri Mar 05, 2021 7:04 pm

The women are flocking to Yokun (intentionally obfuscated the name) , aren't they. I guess the rugged outdoorsy type really attracts the ladies eeh :D

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