Leboncoin, french craigslist equivalent scam report

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Leboncoin, french craigslist equivalent scam report

Post by vashanks » Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:07 pm

Hello, here to share my experience on a ''french'' scammer. I am currently trying to sell a vehicle on the french craigslist equivalent ''Leboncoin''.
A man contacts me asking for more pictures of the car, fairly normal requests. Asks for ID card. He now puts a close copy of my ad, for 10k euro less.
Apparently, he baits other people by asking for 30% of the value in bank deposits. Here are his phone numbers: he uses the first two on Whatsapp, and I managed to actually call him on the third one, which might be his main one since it was registered in 2006.

snipped - Bertje

this is the fake ad he put up, you can try to contact him using the message system on the website:

snipped - Bertje

This is how far I managed to go, I will be reporting him to the police tomorrow, I hope some of you can manage to go further than I did. According to scam reports online this is his routine and he does this for vehicles on Leboncoin.

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Re: Leboncoin, french craigslist equivalent scam report

Post by Bertje » Sat Mar 06, 2021 2:41 pm

Hi and welcome to Eater.

Good catch!. However, this is not the type of scam we deal with here. We deal with advance fee fraud.

Furthermore, we do not allow to post contact details of people without documented proof of a scam. You do not provide that proof so I have deleted the information. (Not saying that he's not a scammer, but there is no way for us to check right now)

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