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This area is for members to publish their completed scam-bait letters to share with everyone.
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My collection

Post by Linoline » Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:51 pm

Time to get my list organised again here on the new forum

Work in Progress
  • Raisin writes a book and gets ink (fake and real) (click)
    :vcamera: x many, :tattoo: x4 :sandtimer: x2 :pith:
  • The time of my life(click)
  • Taming the lion (click)
    :vcamera: x many, :tattoo:
I cooperate with
Finished baits
  • Tom and Mary (click)
    With Mattaz and Birlic
    :vcamera: x7
  • Daniboy: How to crumble a cookie (click) (and the massbait) (and the sequel with Kimmy)
    With Oscarpiles, Hallstaff, Anakbabi, Mr.Mystery, Purple, Bearcat, Sparky, Palmergeddon, GreyAmadeus, Yastreb, Waluigiwah, Lord, Partyworm, Birlic)
    :vcamera: x4 :pith: Lagos–Bida (Niger state) / :pith: :pith: Lagos–Seme / :pith: Accra-Tamale-Labaranga
  • That is not fair.. oh no! (click)
    With Birlic
    :vcamera: x6 :pith: Owerri-Abuja
  • Happy tapping with Elmo (click)
    With Mr.Mystery, Birlic, Bertje
    :vcamera: x6
  • In loving memory of Cyril, a tribute to my fellow baiters (click)
    With Birlic
    :santa: :jack:
  • I’ll take you to the candy shop (click)
    With Birlic
  • Lollypop, lollypop…Turning a lad gay (click)
    With Birlic and Serreptitious
    :vcamera: x3 :pith: :pith: :pith: (Warri – Cotonou – Alada – Cotonou – Savalou – Cotonou – Djougou – Cotonou – Togo – Cotonou – Warri, 1 week safari)
  • Return to sender (click)
    With Birlic
    :vcamera: x3 :cotog:
  • Papa don’t preach (click)
    Suicide lad selling abortion pills baited into a romance story
    With Birlic
    :vcamera: x10
  • Let it go…. Sven the military G-guy (click)
    With Coffinsurfer, Birlic, Srichards, MrMystery
    :vcamera: x44 :pith: Akura-Kamba-Yauri / :pith: Akure-Seme-Bohicon
  • Musa, adventures of a traveling moron (click)
    With Birlic, Mr.Mystery, Yastreb and Lakeside
    :trophy: :vcamera: x5 :pith: Brikama-Dakar / :pith: :pith: Brikama-Karang / :pith: Brikama-Basse
  • How Cherno failed to find love (click)
    With Birlic
    :vcamera: x3 :sandtimer: :pith: :pith: Banjul-Dakar / :pith: :pith: :pith: :pith: :pith: Banjul-Karang / :pith: Banjul-Basse / :pith: Banjul-Kaolack
  • Take a chance on me (click)
  • Parttime poet, turns hairdresser, turns sergeant (click)
    :vcamera: x1
  • Military man living in a supermarket (click)
  • When skanks collide (click)
    annoying Kevin the Idiot together with OscarPiles
  • The most disturbing lad ever applying for the haunted house (click)
    :vcamera: x4
  • 10 official invitations and 2 personality questionnaires (click)
  • Self humiliating lad (click)
  • A few tributes (click) and (click)
  • A lad’s lovesong (click)
  • Wedding proposal (click)
  • Lad apologizing (click)
    :vcamera x3:
I cooperated with
  • The funny adventures of Ahmed from Ghana (click)
    With Birlic
    :vcamera: :cotog:
  • Mass bait opportunity, fake passports & dollar chop (click)
    With Sparky and Birlic
    :vcamera: :cotog:
  • The church of the lamb has new members (click)
    With Birlic
  • Reverend Quin and his Nigerian parish (click) and (click)
    With Birlic
    :cotog: :vcamera: x11 :tattoo:
  • Reverend Jimmy (click) and (click)
    With Birlic
  • Luis the Indonesion moron – part #3 [url=
  • Peter, a funny Nigerian scammer (click)
    With Birlic and Mr.Mystery
    :pith: :pith: Idiroko-Cotonou / :pith: Idiroko-Hilacondji / :pith: Idiroko-Togo
  • Rosemary straight with Trueman (click)
    With Mattaz and Birlic
    :pith: Benin-Accra
  • Greedy orphanage lad (click)
    With Sparky, Bertje, Birlic, Mr.Mystery
  • The general and Arnold Ziffel (click)
    With Coffinsurfer
  • Luis the Indonesian moron - part #2 (click)
    With Birlic
  • Following orders from a lad (click)
    With Sparky905
    :vcamera: x5
  • Lad finds eater, reverse scambaits the evil Birlic (click)
    With Braintoxic, Birlic, Bertje, MrMystery, Sparky
    :pith: Belgium - Switzerland
  • Orphanage scam (click)
    With Sparky, MrMystery, Bertje, Birlic
Just because it’s memorable and reminds me of why we’re doing what we do (click)
:gpig: :$_crd: x5 :$_lad: x1232 :vcamera: xmany :pith: x30 :tattoo: x6 :sandtimer: x3 :sandtimer::sandtimer: x2 :cotog: x4 :mortar: :trophy: :whip: :jboot: :flying_monkey: :mcfry: 🍆 :pbear: :santa: :jack: 🍰

My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero

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