Chinese Dating Scam

This area is for members to publish their completed scam-bait letters to share with everyone.
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Chinese Dating Scam

Post by mrjarjar8153 » Thu Dec 24, 2020 9:14 am

This person came to me on WeChat and says "she" wants to f**k me. I figured out deleting the contact will ruin the fun, so I went along...
(Unfortunately, I only included the second part of the scam baiting , I forgot to screenshot the first part :oops: )
Scammer:I need you. Baby
Me: Why
Scammer: My bottom part is itchy. Need your big c**k
Me: I am a boy, I don't want to be gay
Scammer: I am a girl. F**k me
Me: Boys never touch girls
Scammer: Baby, f**k me, I am itchy
Me: How much porn you watched?
Scammer: I watched porn everyday, Motherf**ker, your mum loves to c*m
Me: I told you my mum found an ordinary job and not a scammer like you.
You have nothing to say now? Scammer
Scammer: Is there a problem that I scam your mum? You are a failure mother**ker.
(If you know Chinese, the scammer wrote a wrong Chinese character)
Me:Your Chinese sucks. As a Chinese, you should be ashamed of yourself
Scammer: Piece of s**t
(More cursing)
Me: I wasted half an hour of your time, means that you have half an hour less to scam people. You should find a new job, don't scam anymore
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Re: Chinese Dating Scam

Post by Bertje » Fri Dec 25, 2020 8:15 am

Welcome to Eater.

We recommend not burning a lad. (Exposing them as a scammer). Also, I assume you used your real name on Wechat? That's a big no no too (for baiting).

Stick around and see what we are about. Don't forget to read Rules!

Happy Xmas.

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