Rev Petet Cox

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Rev Petet Cox

Post by Ehetera » Mon Aug 24, 2020 2:16 am

Dear Beloved One in Christ, This is Doctor Johnson White,the doctor to

Rev Peter Cox was feeling groggy some few hours after the surgery last
night,so I had to used oxygen (through tubes/mask) on him to help him
feel better. But to my greatest surprised my nurses told me we lost
him.We are sorry for the lost !

REV PETER COX told me a lot about you before the surgery was carried
out on him last night ,he told me everything about you and his funds
with the FINANCE TAX FORCE. He gave me his email code to help him
access and communicates with you through emails before passing away.

He said I should let you know that he didn't make it out of the
surgery,and you should make sure you receive the funds from the
FINANCE TAX FORCE OFFICE into your account,and take 40% out of it for
whatever expenses it cost you and use the other 60% to do the kingdom
work as you have promised.

He also told me that you promised to help him use the funds for
kingdom works and helps the needy ones as I earlier stated.So would
you please get back to me in regards on what is going on with you and
the FINANCE TAX FORCE OFFICE? Because the Reverends body is currently
at the mortuary.

Doctor Johnson White

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Re: Rev Petet Cox

Post by Padme » Mon Aug 24, 2020 2:26 pm

Is this a scammer you are baiting?

The good Reverend has his own listing here. Same scammer? ... 7&p=406319
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