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Welcome to Eater's Greatest Hits!

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 1:57 am
by Kitty La Gore
Welcome to Eater's Greatest Hits!

The topics included here have been moved from other parts of the forum to this read-only section for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Some are fully published baits, some are topics of baits as they unfolded. Others are topics from the pictures forum, on which baiters simply posted some excellent trophies. All are in their original format.

All topics here are epic baits or baiter favorites. There is still plenty of gold buried in the various fora of Eater, however, and the topics here are certainly not an exhaustive collection of our best.

Have we missed a topic that should be included? If your personal favorite has been overlooked, please send a link to the topic with an explanation of why it should be included to a moderator or admin. We will review the nomination. Inclusion here, however, is at the final discretion of the mods/admins. Please note that baits still in progress will not be considered.