Undone by the Red Cross

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Undone by the Red Cross

Post by SleepyShadow » Thu Aug 19, 2021 5:17 pm

I started this hook back in late June, and it just wrapped up a couple of days ago. It started normal enough, with an offer about embezzling money from a petroleum company, and this Enoronse fellow thought that a stranger on the internet would be the perfect person to help him. Well, how could I turn down the offer?
This all sounds very complicated, but I'm quite curious where this goes. What happens next?
It's not complicated as you stated, and you should not be curious because it will be a success if we co-operate with each other.
Please, before we pass on very sensitive information, let me give you a few tips about how we intend to proceed, and if it soothes you, we'll commence.
I think curiosity is a good thing! My curiosity is why I contacted you, after all. By the way, what's the name of your lawyer?
We have two legal officers but will be working with Barr. Chukwuma Ngwu through this process. Barr. Emmanuella Senlong, is the second legal officer in this department. There is nothing to worry about this transaction, Miss River, we are well prepared for it, and as adults, wouldn't want to put ourselves in harm's way. If you have more questions, please be free to ask. Stay safe.
Well, talking with scammers isn't necessarily the safest thing to do, but my character River can be a little too trusting sometimes. She does have the occasional warning bell, though.
Would it be possible for me to contact Barrister Ngwu directly? I would just feel better being able to talk to everyone involved. I apologize for the request, but I get uncomfortable when someone knows more about me than I know about them. I had a really bad incident a couple of years ago, so it would just put my mind at ease to contact Barrister Ngwu. Please?
You sure can reach Barr. Ngwu, through his chambers. Do you mind sharing your experience of a few years ago with me?
This wasn't what I expected. I thought my explanation for concern would get brushed aside, but not this time. I'm still not sure if he was probing for more information or just generally curious.
I had a stalker. I had to delete all of my social media pages and move to a new town to get away from him. I moved out of town after he broke into my apartment while I was away for the weekend. I couldn't even tell my family where I went.
I spun this little tale to make my character River seem more vulnerable, and thus ripe for being scammed. It also doubled as an explanation for why the lad wouldn't find her if he did a cursory internet search for her.
Well, thank God you were not hurt. You did the right thing by getting out of that location.
Empathy? Again, not what I was expecting.
While that was going on, I had emailed the barrister character, Uche Secondus, and if the name wasn't a dead giveaway, the response certainly was.
I acknowledge receipt of your email about Mr. E. Amadasu, and thank you for your interest in that project.
Yes, we have really worked out how it will come up legally successful, and I'm only waiting for you, and Mr. Amadasu, to flag off the transaction. The moment he gives me the green light to forward the necessary transactions registration, and other related paperwork to you for completion, I will comply without hesitation.
Meanwhile, I promise you are in good hands since this transaction is well covered.
The only thing I'll say right now, is to start the process of crediting the funds to your account, if you are interested in the project.
Time is money, and we must get started.
Stay blessed.
I emailed Uche a couple of times, but I never really got more out of him. I'm quite certain Uche was just a sock puppet for Enoronse.
Meanwhile, the conversation circled back around to the scam.
should we commence with the transaction? I will need your banking details where the funds will be credited. Meanwhile, how did it go with Barr. Ngwu, I hope you're satisfied. We are only trying to prepare for our retirement life through this project, and mean no harm for you, nor anyone.
Naturally, I picked out the most trivial detail in his email and poked it a little.
Thank you for being so kind and patient with me. I think I'm satisfied. What are your retirement plans?
Glad you are satisfied, and ready to proceed with this transaction.
We intend to invest our shares into Real-Estate business, and build a Modular Refinery in the South-south part of Nigeria. You can join us since we are going to be one family now. Let us work together with one mind, in unisim, and see what we can achieve from this partnership. I believe we did not just meet by accident, God's hand is in it.
We appreciate you.
Dang, he didn't bite on that one. I do like being appreciated though ;) I had planned on introducing some conflict into the situation, but I had a vacation to go on and didn't want to bother with my emails. So poor River got very sick for a few days. I half-expected the lad to have given up, but when I got back I found this waiting for me.
Hope you good, I didn't hear from you in respect to our transaction; what's your take? Please update us, regardless of your position..
Have a great weekend.
Have a great weekend? I think I will, thank you. I waited until Monday to get back to him.
I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I was pretty ill for a while. I'm not really sure what my take would be, but my position is looking better. I'm able to get out of bed again.
Thanks for your piece, and glad to have you back. You will continue to get better by God's grace. Meanwhile, we only need your bank details for now, where the funds will be credited.
Please stop exposing our email account to scammers, your last piece came with some email accounts that began to hack into our central pot, and it was from two of the email accounts that came with your email response.
May God grant you a faster recovery.
I'm glad to hear from you. It's been a while. I'm feeling a little better these days. How are you doing?
As for the last email, I think what happened is I must've hit "reply all" by mistake.
That was only partially true. I had sent out a mass poke to all of the scammers who had stopped replying to me at that time, but I had accidentally included Enoronse on the list. Thankfully, the lad stayed on the hook.
Glad you're feel better, and there will be more improvement as you continue to believe God for your recovery. You did not send your account details for this transaction; are you really interested in it; back and forth email write ups will not make this transaction a success but following the right steps. If you are in, we must commence the process right away and that includes sending us your bank details plus a photo identification.
I can't believe it took him until August 16th to get impatient and ask for my information. Most scammers that I've dealt with so far ask for that sort of thing within the first couple of days. This lad waited almost two months! Still, he could wait just a little longer.
Of course I'm interested. I just have a bad habit of rambling when I get talking. I suppose it translates into my emails as well. What sort of photo do you want?
We just need a photo identification, and your bank account details. Do you have a bank account?
Please let's have that two info's in your reply.
I'm afraid I don't have a bank account yet. I get paid in cash at my job, and Grandmother says I don't need to trust men in suits with my hard-earned money. Is there a way we can work something out?
I am in receipt of your email, and contents well noted.
Let me tell you that the only true way to get these funds to you without a bank transfer, would be by processing it into cash, and move the cash through diplomatic means, and that will be through the RED-CROSS organization, to your address; but this process will cost as much as $8,000, while the transfer process would have taken way less than that.
The RED-CROSS, will clear the boxes of cash from your nearest airport, "RENO-TAHOE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT" and deliver them to your address. We will offer them some percentage to keep it a top secret. It's safe, but the cost is always more than the banking process. We can start the process if you are will to contribute at least $5,000.
We will record a video of the processed cash, and send/show you before they are shipped. This will enable you get a firsthand knowledge of the cash boxes before delivery is affected. The shipping documents, and key to the boxes, will be mailed through courier service, to your address as stated in your driver's license.
Let us know your take in your reply.
Oh, Enoronse, you should have realized by now what sort of bleeding heart you're dealing with. Silly lad.
You say that the Red Cross is involved? That's quite fortuitous. Rather than sending me the money, I'd like you to donate all of it to the Red Cross. I know how important their service is, and as a godly man I'm sure you can agree. I can rest easy knowing that we helped save lives with a donation like this. I'd be happy to fill out any paperwork required to clear the donation.
Nope, I never said that RED- CROSS is involved yet, but that we will bring them in, if we chose the second option of shipping the processed cash to you since you do not have a bank account. I equally said that we will give them a percentage of the funds and not donating the entire amount since we need some money too. If you choose to donate your percentage, that's fine, Ms. River. As godly people, God has told us to be wise, and not foolish.
Meanwhile every process requires funding, and our plans and all these arrangements must be funded to bring them to a successful conclusion. You did not mention anything on how you're going to assist in funding any of this process. Please, let's agree on either of the two processes, and proceed with one, time is of essence.
You can't back out of this one. The damage is done.
That's alright, you can just donate my share of the funds to the Red Cross. I certainly didn't mean to imply that you should give them your share if you don't want to. As you said, I'm doing my best to be wise, and I think it would be far wiser to help those in need rather than feather my own nest. Regarding the process of funding, the Red Cross should be able to handle the fees.
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I've always wanted to help people, and you've given me the chance to do so.
Quite charitable, eh? At any rate, I don't think I'll be hearing from the lad again. It's his own fault, really. He wrote himself into a corner. Of course, I'll be sure to update if he tries to pull this scam out of the fire.

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Re: Undone by the Red Cross

Post by Thursten3rd » Mon Aug 30, 2021 1:52 am

Ooooo, that greedy RED-CROSS! Who knew they would run money for "some percentage to keep it a top secret"?

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Re: Undone by the Red Cross

Post by SleepyShadow » Tue Sep 14, 2021 5:44 pm

Thursten3rd wrote: Mon Aug 30, 2021 1:52 am Ooooo, that greedy RED-CROSS! Who knew they would run money for "some percentage to keep it a top secret"?
It's impossible to know who to trust these days lol

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