A Bizarre Compensation

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A Bizarre Compensation

Post by ilrama » Fri Dec 11, 2020 1:56 am

With little to do, I have returned to scambaiting. The previous scambait ended at the last response I posted here; after that, I was able to report the bank account given.

But onto this new endeavor:

"I" received an incoherent email purportedly from the UK Ministry of Finance claiming to be offering me compensation for "your lottery payment, Contract, Inheritance, and also for reported SCAMMED VICTIMS." It directed me to send a reply to a department within the South African reserve bank - interestingly, to the same email address from which the email was sent. It then asked me to send my name, my telephone number, my address, and my occupation.

In response, I sent a list of falsified information, much of which was ridiculous.

The lad then asked me to send a scan of my passport. I sent, in response, a corrupted file, resulting in the following two replies:
Get back with scan copy of your passport to proceed. Thanks
we cannot download your passsport. please resend
And, perhaps most ridiculously of all, the following extremely bizarre forms, preceded by what appeared to be the lad talking to himself:

The "conversation:"
Thank you Federal Reserve Bank.

I agree.
And the forms

No. 1

1. bank details
Bank name:
Bank address:
Account name
Account number:
Swift coden:
Scan copy of your passport :
No. 2
Personal information
Full name:
Current address:
Direct phone:
Email address:
The private email I would like:
Name of your next of kin
The e-mail

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Re: A Bizarre Compensation

Post by Kitty La Gore » Fri Dec 11, 2020 2:33 am

When things get too confusing, I like to add to the confusion. Perhaps let him know his colleague, Mr. Johnson Marks, has sent the bank account details and you are ready to move the money now, with your lad's permission. Sometimes that makes them forget all about the passport, and instead results in another piggy.
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