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Making a lad do homework

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 2:23 am
by sparky905

This document isn't much to look at, but I've been baiting this guy for almost 2 months. My character is due to receive $30 million, but he has declined to send any documentation of this to support the claim. He has sent all manner of i.d. to me to prove he is legitimate, but no papers. He has repeatedly given me 24 hours to send money or it will all be cancelled. Many such deadlines have passed. I have pasted some banter between my old man character and the lad over the last few weeks. He has insisted on receiving full payment prior to documents being released. I finally wore him down. I think he needs to have a nice sum of money sent to him via Moneygram, perhaps with extra security features added ???? I'm sure he will appreciate my concern that no one intercept his money.

Sir I am still waiting for the paperwork you promised me to help explain this fund. I will need it for tax purposes.

As a matter of urgency you are advised to go ahead To western union
or Money gram or by RIA money transfer
and send $350 to the account officer with name bellow:

Once I have the paperwork you promised I will send the fee. Please stop delaying this by ignoring me. I have the money ready to release.

The paper work is available we need money at lest $50 to dispatched
you the document by courier service and i will pass you the tracking

I do not want the documents by courier. Send them via email. Your delays are very annoying.

we needed the fees to obtain you the document then i can send it by email

I am not sending any money until I see documents. No one hands over such enormous amounts of money without documentation. If you cannot do so, this means this is fake.

i will obtain you the document today after you have re confirm to me
your full details home address and bank names account number and ID
card for easy identification

You do not need any of that info to send me documents. All that information should be on file. Until I see documents, I will not send personal information or bank info. Stop delaying this. You keep putting conditions on this rather than demonstrating this is real. I am starting to suspect you might be making this up as any reputable agent would have just sent paperwork to me via email.
What is going on here?

Once again, instead of just sending the documents, you move sideways instead of forward. Copy and send the documents and I will send the fee plus the copying fee you indicated previously.
Your delays are an indication you are not qualified to hold the office which you do. A competent agent would have had this done days ago and been up front from the start.

I can see now your insulting my integrity please can you permit us
cancel the payment and go for a change of ownership

I am sorry for late replied i was so busy in the board directors
meeting we held last night please Your mail noted and i am going to
Provide you the documentation on your behalf after you have make the
payment fees today .

The document will get to your hands after you has make the payment
this Monday morning , i am waiting for the payment slip by money gram
as soon as possible.

Since you have the paper work right there, why are you not sending it immediately? I am trying to arrange a ride into town with my daughter, and while I wait, you could be sending the papers now.

Thank for your effort The papers is not the problems because we are
awaiting for the said fees from you today to obtain the vital
documentation on your behalf that was standing before your immediate

You told me 4 days ago you were going to send the documents. I still have nothing. I have the money ready and am waiting for them so I can arrange with my daughter to take me to town. She said no one sends money without paperwork. I agree. So send what you have so I can do this. Your needless delays are frustrating this process.

You better stopped frustrating this process.the document will be
ready after you have make the payment today for the procession the
release of obtaining the document on your behalf that was standing
before your progress. i am waiting for the payment slip from you asap

My daughter told me to offer a compromise. There is a file there with details and info. regarding this payment. I am asking for some of the documents now, and will send the money, and the remaining details to be sent after the payment is made. That is fair. I don't need all the papers up front, but once I receive some, I will send money via moneygram to you.

I appreciate your flexibility and sense of fairness in this matter.

Listen carefully the document papers details and info. regarding this
payment should be obtain on your behalf after you have make the
payment today how many times will i tell you this. delay is dangerous.

My daughter tells me that no one would just send money with no paperwork. That is not how these things work. I provided an outline of the compromise: you send some documents and I will send the payment. Once you have the entire payment, you will send the remainder of the papers and of course, the funds.
Your refusal is causing painful delays and I worry with each delay which you cause that it demonstrates this is not real. I have believed in this from the start but with no papers, how can i?

For your perusal here is the proof of the funds papers on your behalf today.

I am looking forward to hear back from you as soon as possible.

Thank you. It is evening here now in Canada but I will get my daughter to give me a ride into town tomorrow morning to send the fees to your agent. You have eased an old man's mind considerably thru your kindness and professionalism. Are you able to accept a gift from me? I'd like to send you a bit of money from this fund as a thank you.

Thank you very much for your effort try first make the payment
tomorrow morning for your progress then you are free to offer me a
gift of money from the funds.

Now that I won the battle, I will frustrate him with moneygram hotline issues. It amazes me that for weeks I have told him I am in Canada but he insists the US gov't in cooperation with the Nigerian gov't is sending me millions because my name was selected. I still have no idea why it was selected......LOL

Re: Making a lad do homework

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2021 11:18 am
by sparky905
The lad is not happy. I sent the money via moneygram with extra security protocols in place. The lad has written multiple times in anger! I love it.
This is not an epic bait, but lately I have not been finding any interesting lads.

Please we can not make international calls for security reason it is
better you phone me for the mtcn details

My old man character had to get his daughter take him to town for his covid vaccine, then stop at moneygram. He has never used moneygram and is nervous about the whole matter.

Please let me know when the money is collected so I can relax. I am nervous about this process as it is all new to me. Did you get a covid vaccine yet?

You better phone us now for the receipt numbers

Did you not actually read my message sent earlier today? I do not have the mtcn, it is available only to the receiver who must call the number on the receipt.

Here is MARY J*** passport copy ID for receiving the fees today kindly
phone her or sms her on her private phone +234**********. she is
waiting to receive your phone calls now.

I have no reason to call her except to repeat to her what I have said to you. The mtcn is available only to the receiver and she has only to make a quick phone call to get it. Please read my messages as I have explained this.

If you really serious to receive the funds kindly phone her now for
the mtcn for your progress. no international calls from her because of
covid restrictions .she is waiting for your phone calls at any time or
sms her the mtcn now

Did you read my message? I do not have the mtcn, only the receiver can obtain it with a quick phone call to moneygram. Please, do not lie to me about covid restricting phone calls, that is just ridiculous nonsense. I have sent the money and if your agent is too lazy to collect it, I would suggest you find a better employee. I went out of my way for this and am disgusted to read, repeatedly, that someone will not just make a quick phone call. Then you blame covid for this fact.
Stop making excuses and follow thru on this matter please. I made special arrangements to get a ride into town etc and now find some woman can't even make a phone call? Ridiculous.

Re: Making a lad do homework

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:14 pm
by sparky905
The lad is still upset and still refusing to call the moneygram hotline. That's fine, it's his time to waste. He really, really wants me to resend the receipt, but I refuse. How could he possibly lose it so easily?

she never phone them please re send the moneygram attached

My old man character has trouble with this sort of stuff and would need help.

i would need either my daughter or grandson to help me with attachments since they know how to do that. I am really struggling to figure out why you make this so complicated and such a long and drawn out affair. Your agent could have made the call and had the money days ago. You need to hire better people

let me have the slip

Firstly, I do not enjoy receiving abrupt messages with no please or thank you. That is hardly a way to converse. Secondly, I told you that I would need my grandson or my daughter to help me with that and they are not here now. As I have suggested, this message chain has it already so go back to March 17 and see it there. I should not have to explain this to you.
I grow weary of this process and your inability to have your agent complete a simple phone call is telling me this is not a professional undertaking, making me wonder if it is real or not. I sent the money, I sent the receipt. Read back several messages and see it for yourself.

Let me know when you collect the money.

I never see before when some one send money through money gram and
expecting the receivers to phone the money gram office to receive the
mtcn . i got another clients that send money from CANADA and America
last week and they gave us the MTCN as this below:
(98765520) ask your grandson or your daughter to assist us phone the
money gram office to release the correct MTCN and forward it to us or
you afraid to phone the money gram office.

I made a special trip into town to send the money and now you sit there asking me if I am afraid to make a phone call? Your useless agent has had 3 days to make a call. I am not intervening. If your agent is so useless and/or lazy that they will not make a phone call, they deserve to be fired.
I am not bothering my family to do this as they go out of their way so often for me anyway. Your agent can call moneygram. I believe the transfer expires on Monday, then the money is returned to me. I will not, repeat, will not, be sending it again. If you fail to collect it, it shows you have improper credentials to do so. No other professional would have wasted so much over this payment. I am deeply appalled.

if the transaction expired on Monday then try re send it to normal
process and get the mtcn forward

I already told you, if this money is not collected as sent, it will not be re-sent, it will be returned to me and kept here never to be sent again. If you or your agent is too lazy or incompetent to make a phone call, then you are not fit to accept my money. I have never seen such unprofessional people.

she has called they said you did not send any fees

Stop lying to me please. No one said any such thing because it is an automated phone system where you give answers to voice prompts to get the MTCN. There is no one there to tell her such a thing.

If you dont believed me you better call them and get the mtcn or we
cancel the payment and go for a change of ownership

As I have told you repeatedly, only the receiver can get the MTCN. You lie to me and now demand I call them? Call them yourself and stop being so unprofessional and lazy. If the payment is not collected, the money comes back to me and you are out $950 USD. It is as plain and simple as that. It is up to you to either collect the money or not.

So we wait. He may not be getting any money, but neither was my character going to get millions either, so I think we will be "even" at the end of this. He is frustrated though which is a good thing.

Re: Making a lad do homework

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:10 pm
by sparky905
My reluctant lad wrote those words we all love to read:

Mary J*** has phoned the money gram now and wested her credit over

Knowing the lad has wasted money is a good feeling. Thanks to Scammingthescammers for providing the tools to mess with the lads! So now my lad is issuing directives to me

cancel the payment call it back and re send the fees by western union or RIA

Ignoring that, I wrote to tell him how lucky we were that some thief was thwarted from stealing the money thanks to the security protocols in place.

I know you are upset about this, but when I tell you what I found out, you will be glad I did things this way. As you know the receiver is a lady named Mary J***. Today, some scum of the earth underhanded thief tried very much to steal this money by posing as Mary J***. This attempted theft of the funds was carried out by some idiot with a deep, manly voice pretending to be a woman! Pardon my language but as my father used to say, some shit for brains imposter tried to steal the money intended for Mary. It is a good thing the extra security was in place.

Naturally, the lad ignored my comments and focused on having me do as I am told.

You better seek help from your daughter to phone the money gram
office to release the mtcn to her and forward to me or cancel the
payment and take the fees back and re send by western union or Ria

I wrote to you yesterday and told you that someone tried to steal these funds. Some low life thief tried to circumvent the security protocols to take money owed to you. Thank goodness I sent the money this way or you might have lost out completely. Yet you never even acknowledge that fact? Do you not see the value of handling things the way I have done? Without the protocols, it would have been lost.

Because international transfers are handled by several people in a chain of events, there is a greater chance of people becoming aware and stealing. That is why I have added protection, and now you ask me to remove it? Sir, there are some awful people out there who think nothing of stealing. They are lazy people who do not wish to work for honest money, but feel entitled to steal what is not theirs. They are the lowest form of life there is. They probably steal to finance a drug habit . You cannot trust them. That is why I protect my money.

Mary should call soon to get this money before the end of today or it will be lost.

I hope the lad enjoys the colourful adjectives used to describe the person who tried to steal this money.