Advanced-fee Scam Against Cancer Patients

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Advanced-fee Scam Against Cancer Patients

Post by odinani » Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:07 am

Hello everyone,

I'm new, and I'm over the moon to discover this website exists. I normally simply block scammers, but this one made me angry because these particular scammers repeatedly comment on posts in which we are asking for help with a friend's cancer fund. They say they will help if you email them, but when you email them, they ask for a "refundable fee" first.

I won't go into all my personal problems, but I cannot presently bait them myself and was hoping to pass on their contact information to any interested baiters. If there is a particular procedure for posting their contact information, please let me know, as I did not see it in the rules. Thank you!


P.S. Because I am new, I am blocked from sending a PM to an admin, but I would like to change my username to aryn. Thank you.

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