The Job with the Work Bank

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The Job with the Work Bank

Post by Botond501 » Sat Apr 10, 2021 7:48 pm

This lad is very responsive and seems to have almost no script. The whole conservation took place today. He made a typo at his second mail, I built the whole bait on that until this point.

After the meeting we had today with of general
overseer Bank of America Office
New York USA which is the bank responsible for the payment of your
long awaited funds of $10.5M, The bank have agreed that you pay a
minimum of $50 only and receive a part payment of your funds worth
$500,000, and by the time
you confirm this money in your account, you can now pay the remaining
balance and receive the remaining part of your funds.

This is the best and final option for you to receive your long awaited
funds and be happy, I will send you the information's on how to send
the fee to me once I hear from you, I await your swift response,
Congratulations and God bless.

Contact me on +X XXX XXX XXXX
E-mail : [email protected]


Barr. Donafrio Paul
Co-chief Operating Officer,
Bank of America Office New York USA

Dear Barr. Donafrio Paul,

I don't really understand this whole deal, could you explain?

Zímonthy Uzsor

Dear Zímonthy,

It's a compensation funds awarded to all person who has fallen a victim of scammers all over the world.

The funds is awarded by United Nations in conjunction with work Bank.

Try to send your information.
Dr.Paul Donofrio

Do I need an account at the Work Bank?

No.your funds is already under Bank of America here in New York USA.

All we need from you is your full name , address and phone number.

And then you send the required fee.
Dr.Paul Donofrio

Couldn't this be handled by the Work Bank directly?

World Bank has already mandated Bank of America to handle your transfer.

I am not an American citizen. I believe it would be easier if it was handled by the Work Bank directly.

Which country are you from?

I'm from Hungary.

I can help you open online account and credit your funds to it and then give you all the login details to access your funds by your self. Once you can pay the required fee,I will simply do this favor for you.

Wouldn't there be legal issues? Or wouldn't the money be effected by tariffs?

If you pay the required fee,i will expertly program your transaction successfully and you won't experience any of such.

Just pay the outstanding fees including our official Account opening fee and non-resident paper fee totalling $650 .This is that you will pay and i get you everything successfully.

Dr.Paul Donofrio

Why do I need a non-resident paper?

So as to be able to operate the online account which I we will set up here in the states. It's simple to obtain. And the $650 covers it-everything.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to do it at the Work Bank? I have a socialist party membership card, if that matters.

You what? If the cost of reapproving it and some protocols alone will outweigh this $650 USD. I'm in a better position to advise you; this method i want to employ is the cheapest and straight forward.

You will confess it later

I have a socialist party membership card. I haven't been on any meetings for years, but I still pay the yearly membership fee. I though from the name of the Work Bank that this might be an advantage.

It's World bank in USA dear. This has nothing to do with whether you are a socialist member or not.

Follow my instructions and advises which I took time to give you.

Are you sure they wouldn't give me a discount if I send my membership card?

There's nothing like that in this payment. I am on top of everything so i am in a better position to advise you. Try to follow my guide

That's unfortunate. I once met a hairdresser who gave me a discount because of it.
Anyway, what will we do next?

It's simple.

Reconfirm to me your full details such as:

Full name....
Phone number...
Date of birth...

After I received above and vetting them,I will then send you payment information where to send the fee

Full name: Zímonthy, Uzsor
Address: <Fake address>
Date of birth: 1987 February 12

This is to confirm receipt of your information required.

Will you send the fee via world remit transfer?

Did you say we should leave the Work Bank out of this?

Listen my dear, I have received your data and I am working on it now. Once you send the fee I will set-up your online account and credit your funds into it after which I give you the login access to simply access your funds. That is final.

Please with all due respect,I have explained enough for you to understand

I'm a bit confused. Is the Work Bank and the Work Permit Transfer the same?

I don't understand what you are saying

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Re: The Job with the Work Bank

Post by Botond501 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:40 pm

The story continued today.

You have earlier asked if I will pay via Work Permit Transfer. You also said that there is some connection with the Work Bank. Are the two the same, or different?

I meant world remit transfer method of sending money.

Maybe i made typing mistake He just admited a mistake he never made.

You can send via MoneyGram or Western Union or world remit transfer system.

I will send you the payment information

I have never heard of any of those. It would be easier to do it with bank transfer,

Okay I will send you bank account details where to transfer the fee right away

Transfer the payment to account information below:

Wells fargo Bank
Account name: XXX Rodriguez Account Number: XXX
Routing. XXX
Address XXX

Send receipt or copy of transfer.

I am waiting asap What does this even mean?
Dr.Paul Donofrio

Kindly acknowledge receipt of the account information i sent you in my previous message.

Here comes the best part of the bait so far. It was meant to be a bit annoying question, I did not except such a strong reaction. Of course, I don't think any of this seriously.
Who is XXX Rodriguez? His name sounds Portuguese. I thought you were in the USA.

What kind of question is this? Does USA has only a particular race? How does that relate to the transaction we are doing here or you are joking?

If am not in USA how come i gave you account in USA or is Wells Fargo in Portugal?

I found your question as derogatory!

I have never been in the USA. I only know the presidents and they all had names like Franklin, Donald and John. None of them were Rodriguez or similar.

So,Obama is not a USA name? He's from Kenya,Africa and Muslim name for that matter.

Are you sending the fee now?

Yeah, he was an exception. I remember when he was elected, I was pretty surprised. I didn't hear anything about him after that, he must have not done anything important.
But his name was still not Portuguese. Kenya was never part of Portugal, at least I believe it was a Swedish colony at some point.

This was the end of the interesting part. The rest is random nonsense with low level of frustration.

I just want to be sure that's a legitimate account before I send the payment.

I don't think I'm insane to send illegitimate Account. It's legitimate Account.So,go ahead and send

Nobody is saying you are insane. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. I just want to be certain. Are you sure this Rodriguez is the person I should make the transfer to?

Yes am absolutely sure and waiting for the payment

I tried to open the link you sent me,, but it didn't work.

I didn't send you any link. I wrote: yes am absolutely sure and certain. Am waiting for payment. Is it fullstop you took for link?

Where did you see link in my message?

If you are making payment kindly make payment and save us all these unnecessary distractions please.

Hm, strange. It was displayed to me as a link. I am not creating distraction. It was just merely confusing.

It's not a link. After sentence,i put a full stop and started another sentence.

Sorry for misunderstanding He apologized, how nice of him.

Ah, alright.

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Re: The Job with the Work Bank

Post by Rynok » Sun Apr 18, 2021 2:50 pm

I like the one part where he tells you "You will confess it later." Is this guy supposed to be a banker or a clergyman?

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