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Post by Peadarodea1992 » Tue Aug 18, 2020 12:48 pm


I am not sure I am even posting in the correct forum so please delete if it is wrong and kindly signpost me to the correct area to ask about this.

Basically, I am fairly sure I was the victim of a scam but I can't 100% verify it. i was talking to someone on a dating app, and we moved to the social media app KIK - I had no indication/suspicion that she was a scammer as she did not really reveal herself in the usual, unsubtly ways a lot of scammers seem to. But after a few weeks she asked for money, she claimed to be in the US military, serving in Africa, with her deployment ending in September. She asked for such a tiny amount and did it in such an indirect, no-fuss way that well judge me for it if you want, but I fell for it. So I gave her the amount via PayPal,

After that, it became obvious that she was a scammer as she asked for more and more and more money ending a week or two ago with her demanding over 1000.

Needless to say, I did not give this money and have now blocked her on the original dating app and on KIK and have blocked her e-mail address (after she got mine through PayPal). The thing I am worried about though is she has threatened to blow my 'head off' (her words) obviously this could be empty talk and likely is but I don't know, given I don't know what info PayPal gives to the receivers of money. I have checked both with my bank and PayPal the former couldn't help the latter said she shouldn't have my home address/st. address but I have requested they check my payment history to double-check - still waiting on a response.

I think it's highly unlikely that she'll hunt me down, which she has threatened to do, but would you advise taking any other precautions just in case or is there a way to find out whehter or not she is simply bluffing? She claims her military passport (which I checked and it is a real document) enables her to quickly get to other countries so she is going to use that to 'hunt' me and said she'll see me soon.

Her last message was

"You Dare call me a scammer?

Well, we'll see about that,

See you soon + " (obscured slightly to disguise my name, which she mentioned after 'soon').

That was sent just before I blocked her.

As I said I am 99% sure she has no way of actually getting to me but I am a little concerned, what should I do?

Also, she initially went under the name Ann C. Whelan but has now changed it to Ann C. Muns, I know scammers change identities regularly, but don't they change the whole name not just part of it?

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Post by B8er » Tue Aug 18, 2020 1:46 pm

It's 100% certain a scam. Members of the US military do not need to beg random strangers on the web for money.

The best place for you to get advice on what to do next is on our sister site scamwarners.com. The forum team there are experienced in dealing with these types of situations, whereas the majority of members here are not.

Locking this as the best place for help is SW.


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