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Post by Rover » Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:45 am

Premium Membership.

What is Premium Membership?
Premium membership is an annual account for 419Eater members who have contributed financially to the existence of this Board. Since we moved to a new and dedicated server, which is more expensive than a regular hosting package, donations from members have become welcome and necessary to help keep the site running.
Annual Premium Membership accounts have been created as a "Thank You" gift for people who donated funds to help finance the site and keep it running.

What do I get with a Premium Membership?
Quite a few things:
  • A nice shiny color on your username.
  • Access to the Exclusive Premium Members VIP Lounge here on 419Eater
  • No more ads on the site
  • Your PM-boxes will grow from 50 messages max to 100 messages max.
  • Access to several modalities not available to regular members.
  • Ability to request your own rank/title. (What the mods give you may be something totally different though :))
  • An area where baits may be temporarily moved, away from the snooping eyes of lads.
  • A warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside for helping us out
Where do I sign up?
Click on the "Subscriptions" link at the top of each page and follow the directions..

Currently, Paypal is the only way that 419Eater accepts donations. Any other method used will not be honored.

User control panel?
Click on "profile" in the main menu to access the user control panel. There is some more info about the premium accounts on that page as well as a link to the signup page.

How much do I have to donate?
That is entirely up to you. All donations are always welcome. However, to be eligible for a 1-year premium account you need to donate at least US$ 30, or the equivalent in another currency (Currency exchange rates fluctuate all the time so please check the latest exchange rate). You are free to donate more if you want! Please bear in mind though that we currently do not offer multiple-year donations. I.E If you donate double or triple the minimum amount (while we certainly do appreciate it) this will still only give you a one-year premium member access.

What will happen once my year has expired?
Your Premium Membership will expire annually on the anniversary of the day you joined Premium.
To renew your Premium Membership and keep your web space etc., please send another $30.00 (or local currency equivalent) via the same Paypal Subscriptions button. Once you have made your further donation your membership expiry date will be put forward by one year.

You will receive an email and a PM one week prior to your membership expiring. You will be given a one-week grace period. Once your membership has expired the system will automatically deactivate your premium membership account, remove you from the Premium Member Forum and delete your webspace and email account!

What will 419Eater do with my money?
All donations received will be used to keep 419eater running. The costs of the dedicated servers are quite high and your money will help to cover these. If there are any surplus funds they will be invested in the improvement or expansion of 419Eater.

We also support our sister site www.scamwarners.com. Funds are also used to keep that site running. ScamWarners.com does not charge or have premium membership facilities.

Anything else I need to know?
If you have any questions please PM one of the Admin and Moderator team.

Updated 14 December 2021

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Post by bware419ers » Fri Jul 16, 2021 12:15 pm

As an added bonus, effective July 16, 2021, ads have been removed for Premium Members.

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