Smarter than the av-er-age bear!

This area is for members to publish their completed scam-bait letters to share with everyone.
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Smarter than the av-er-age bear!

Post by Ken Woodmixer » Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:03 am

Mods, If posted in the wrong place, please feel free to wheel it up the corridor into a side room ....

After playing a Loto scammer (Lu=is Kon=rad) for a week or two it sort of petered out to the point where he's turned it into a sob story. Fair tugs at yer heart strings, right?
This lad is smarter than most! If you find it hard to understand how victims fall for their BS, read on ....

It started like this ...
Hello, I don't know how you got to find out about the winning. Because I'm sure I didn't contact you. 
I queried it ...
Well, if you must know, there's a winning lottery ticket of exactly $343,613 that's about about to expire in 8 days time. If it expires, the prize money goes back to the lottery company. 
I want you to come claim it, afterwards we split the money.
Not your usual 7.3 million but not to be sneezed at, and he does work for the lottery company! I fell for it!
Okay. I will need to wet the floor first.
I'm not in shift for the day. But don't panic, we still got 7 days and some hours.
I'll try and get a reprint of the ticket as soon as I can tomorrow and mail it to you.  Then you call or mail the headquarters that you're the winner that you just discovered the ticket. Then the company will give you directive of how to claim the prize.
I will try and make the ticket look old and a bit rumpled. So please keep in touch, email me again in about 18hours time.
Had some fun with the slippery 'wet floor'
but he was a bit eratic with his answers so like I said, let it peter out ....

Then this ....

See my man, I have to be really frank with you, I am depressed and frustrated here. 

I'm just a young man looking to make a living. With a university degree, a child and no job, I'm crawling over the internet looking for a way to make some money.

I've got smart legitimate business ideas that need money to fund, but I barely have money enough to feed. The banks won't bankroll me because I've got a poor credit record.

I knew all along that you were messing with me, because I ran a reverse check on the email addresses I sent the message to, yours wasn't there. When you sent your details, I also realized it was a fake address generated online. 

But somehow, talking to you gave me some glimmer of hope that somehow someday you'll pay. It was the only thing I could hope on.  But when it became clear you were just bent on being a goof, I lost all hopes. Having nowhere else to turn to, i felt done with life. 

And I didn't lie when I said I tried to take my life. I was really fed up with everything. The torn scarf wasn't exactly what stopped me,  I thought about my little girl.
I am Mr.Dickinsun Nasebel, a bank Assistant Manager, with due respect i want to partner with you to invest the sum of ($7.2 Million Dollars)
Sorry I'm a bit hard of hearing, can you speak up please?

What a wicked friend is this why did he gone away with your wife . Did he take the money and run away?

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