"Nothing Beats Like Koch!" for the DHL

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"Nothing Beats Like Koch!" for the DHL

Post by chloroformggg » Mon Jun 13, 2022 3:00 am

This is going to be the first time I publish a bait! Hope y'all enjoy.

I found this guy on scamwarners. https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewt ... om#p434133
Let's get started.

From Me:
You give me money?

Boris Illicks
Illicks Koch Investment Firm
"Nothing Beats Like Koch!"
Note the tagline. This will play an important part later.

Good Day, Boris, We Received your email and I'm here to inform you that once you send the Required Fee of $128 of your package details will be Delivered to you as Instructed by the USA Government.

Note that your Payment is coming through Cash Delivery as a Compensation from the United States Treasury Department.

Please Kindly get back to me so that I will you Account Number Details where you can pay Required Fee of $128 and send the pay slip receipt here as it is the Fastest Means we can Receive the Payment and Then Proceed with the Delivery of your package details immediately to your nearest destination.

Thanks And Best Regards
Yours Sincerely
Mr. Augu$tine Guereque.
As per usual, this lad has terrible grammar. Maybe we can teach him a few new words later...

Fees? I did not remember reading about fees in the first correspondence! What is the meaning of these fees?

Boris Illicks
Illicks Koch Investment Firm
"Nothing Beats Like Koch!"
The required fee is for Security keeping fee so that the will release the package for me to deliver to you.

What if I do not pay? Will it be delivered unsecurely?
The Security Department will not able to release the package for me and that's the only problem I'm facing right now. I can send you the Account Number where you can pay the required fee for them. Kindly get back to me as soon as possible you received this Email.
Please send
The scammer sent me his payment details, at 2am. So I shoot back the next morning:
Mr. DHL man,
Thank you for the nice replies, but why at such a strange hour? Here in the America we do not send the electronic massage at 2 in the AM. Please send your mails at a nicer time.
I was still figuring out Boris's character at the time, so he flips between good and bad grammar.

Okay. When are you going to pay your Required Fee.
No apologies! How rude!

At 2am.
Now for one of my favourite types of diversion: email hopping. I set up an autoresponder, and the lad got this when he tried to reply:
Hello. In accordance with company policy, I have migrated my email address. An intern at my company has stolen details of login information, and has hacked our mail provision. Please send any business inquiry to [REDACTED]

Kind regards
Boris Illicks
And so, later that morning:
When are you going to pay your required fee for Security keeping fee for your package. I'm waiting to hear from you as soon as possible you received this Email.

Thanks and regards.
Mr Augu$tine Guereque
Not even a 'How are you"!
Mr DHL Man! Thank goodness!
I am sorry for such a queer way for us to communicate - last night, our company tech manager called an emergency meeting. Apparently, young Jimmy Buffett in accounts was fired, and when he left, he took a copy of our hard disc. With the hard disc, he was able to hack into our computers, and our company accounts were compromised. I am glad that you have found my new correspondence.
With this breech of security, I do fear for your bank details. If the hacker is not stopped, he will find your details, and I hope that he does not try to hack that too!
If you would like to proceed, can you resend the bank details to me?

Boris Illicks
Illicks Koch Investment Firm
"Nothing Beats Like Koch!"
Oh no, a hacker! How will our trickster of the 419 retaliate?
Mr Boris, I will resend you the Account again but let me tell you. I hate jokes! Please.
Oh. That trick isn't going to work.

The next day, the scammer:
Mr Boris, have you made your payment?
Boris responds:
I have put money in the mailbox to be sent to the address.
Now begins one of the scammer's favourites: multiple short emails.
Hello Boris, let me tell you if I wait for little while I will divert this package to the government treasury fund as an unclaimed fund.
Do you have a PayPal Account?
I can see that you are not serious.
Boris fires back:
What do you mean? I think you are the one not being serious. Why is a man like yourself asking if I have paypal? I told you, I have already sent a check to the address you gave me. First you did not believe me that my email was attacked, now you call me a joker! I think you are a rude man, and I will not hesitate to go to my bank to cancel the check.
This riled him up:
If you have pay your required security keeping fee then send me the pay slip of the payment so that I will confirm it. That's the reason why I said that you are not serious because I didn't see the pay slip. I hate stories. Where is the slip of your payment. Don't insult me again of rude person please.
Now begins a days long string of exchange on the difference between a bank transfer and a letter:
Sir, you are the one acting rude. I have done exactly as you ask - I have sent a check enclosed in an envelope to the address you gave me. You are the one making up stories about me, saying I am not serious, that I am a joker, that I am a liar. I will have you know sir that saying these things in my homeland without sufficient backing would have you arrested. If you are not serious about your job to send me the funds, I suggest you look for a new profession. I tell you time and time again I sent the check in the mail, and time and time again you call me liar.
Mr Boris, please forget about this fund.
Good bye!!
I don't agree. I have sent the payment as I keep telling you.
Can I see the copy your pay slip that show evidence that you have made the payment. I'm waiting to hear from you as soon as possible you received this Email.
Sir, you are making a fool of yourself. I will not repeat myself again after this.
As you have requested, I have sent by postal mail, one check for the amount, to the adress you have given me. In the next week or so, <snipped ITP info ~KLG> will recieve a check in the mail for the agreed amount. There is no pay slip I can give you, because I have mailed the check. I cannot email you the check now since it is in the postal service's hands.
The scammer ignored me for days. I finally get this response:
Because I didn't see any evidence of your payment slip that's the reason why you didn't hear me. If you did make the payment just be straight forward for me and honestly with me. You can go to any of pharmacy Store buy a Google Play card or American Express of $128 send it here with purchase slip will can accept it as method of payment so that I will proceed your package of your ATM Master Card immediately to your nearest destination without wasting any time or been delay again. I will be waiting to hear from you Sir.
Now for this masterpiece of encyclopedia-like detail:
Sir. I tell you time and time and time and time again that I have sent the payment. I will write this in the clearest terms possible.

On the night of June 3rd, I wrote out a check (cheque) to <snipped ITP details ~KLG> Below I will copy the definition of a check for your understanding. I placed this check into an envelope, and onto the envelope, I licked and placed one postal stamp. Then, I left the envelope in an outgoing mail box at my office. The next morning, June 4th, a secretary took the envelope and placed it into the hands of a mail servant. I do not know if you have the mail service in your town, so I will also place the description of that below too.

"A cheque, or check, is a document that orders a bank to pay a specific amount of money from a person's account to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued. The person writing the cheque, known as the drawer, has a transaction banking account where the money is held."


"The mail or post is a system for physically transporting postcards, letters, and parcels.[1] A postal service can be private or public, though many governments place restrictions on private systems. Since the mid-19th century, national postal systems have generally been established as a government monopoly, with a fee on the article prepaid. Proof of payment is usually in the form of an adhesive postage stamp, but a postage meter is also used for bulk mailing. With the advent of email, the retronym "snail mail" was coined. "


Please take your time to read and fully understand what I am telling you. I have sent the payment. I have sent the payment. I have sent the payment. For the final time, The Payment Has Been Sent. I think you are a small boy playing games with me at this point.
Surely the lad understands now?
I don't know what you are talking about? You didn't send any payment. Stop emailing me because you're very stupid fool. That's what you are! Jokers.
Time for Boris to get angry:
Sir. You are incredibly rude. I have explained to you many, many times How I HAVE sent the payment. Get a friend to help explain to you. You told me to send the money in an envelope to the address you gave me. If you continue this foolish game with me,I will go to my bank and cancel the payment.
The scammer was about to give up:
Go and cancel it. I'm going to divert this package to the Government Treasury fund as an unclaimed fund and that's what I'm gonna do. Because you are not serious. That's the reason why I'm going to do anything to divert this package to Government Treasury Fund. Thanks! Bye!
Sir, you are the one who is not serious. I tell you my story many times and you ignore it.
If you're serious about this I will know but I didn't see any serious in you and that's the reason why I will do that so that you will learn a lesson. I don't understand your stories because I hate stories. I hate bank transfer start from today up. Because some people using it to lie again us. That's it.
I think I understand now. I do not think your English very good. When you sent me the bank details, you wanted me to do a bank transfer?
But, it is too late!
I'm going to surprise you because I'm going to divert this package to the government treasury fund as an unclaimed fund because you're using defend yourself with stories. May be you think that I'm a liar that's in the internet lying to get money and that's what you think. But I give you a surprise because I don't have time for jokes.
How will Boris pay for his penis enlargement now?

Mr Courier, please wait. When you send the details to me, I thought you wanted me to mail a check to the address, not send via bank transfer.
Gotta keep him hooked somehow.
What do you want me to do for you?
Now the waiting game again:
First let me think
Think? Let me tell you I don't need a bank wire transfer again. I have end for you. To avoid another stories jokes. May you think whatever you want to think but only today tomorrow I'm going to divert this package as I told you earlier before because you are not serious as I said before.
Like a Chihuahua. Annoying.
Please, I am trying to think
Eventually, the scammer:
I don't need a Bank Transfer again instead you can go to any pharmacy store and buy a American Express card for your Required Security Keeping Fee your package. That's what I need from you. I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible you received this Email.
Can I have my PA do it?
The scammer ignores him:
Have you buy the card or not
How can we get anywhere with an attitude like that?
I have not. I ask to see if my PA can do it. I am on lunch break and card must wait until after work if I do not hear from you soon.
Are you going to send your PA to buy the card right now or do you like to buy the card by yourself when you close work. And when are you closing work. Kindly tell me right now. I'm waiting to hear from you.
Hours pass, and the scammer is sending emails left and right. Boris replies at last:
Hello. I have just finish work for the night. Do you want me to buy the card now?
Immediately after:
Yes go and buy the card
Okay, I am just about to leave my house with my son to get the card. I have copied him into this email.

Boris Illicks
Illicks Koch Investment Firm
"Nothing Beats Like Koch!"
Suddenly, the scammer gets the joke:
Nothing beat like Koch. Nothing beat like cock. Nothing beat like koch. You're very stupid fool and you're disgrace to human being nature. Stop emailing me right now because you're very stupid fool. I have told you earlier before stop emailing me because you're very stupid fool and you're disgrace to human being nature. Stop it if you can hear me. No way no trust but nothing beat like koch.
He sounds crazy. And that's where the bait ends (for now....) Hope you all enjoyed a lengthy first publication from the Illicks Koch Investment Firm.

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Re: "Nothing Beats Like Koch!" for the DHL

Post by Kitty La Gore » Thu Jun 16, 2022 5:02 am

I will give you props for wasting this lad's time, and I appreciate your enthusiasm and humor. I have snipped out the innocent third party's details - please be aware of the rules regarding ITP information.

Can I give you some challenges for making the next bait a bit better next time?

First, I think the lad saw through your bait fairly quickly. The word "joker" is what they call scambaiters. He started suspecting you by his 6th email, which is why he said he hates jokes. One goal we set for ourselves is to bait every lad while never giving them a reason to suspect we are not going to send them money. It's not easy, but wicked fun rarely is, right?

Early in a bait, it's good to ask questions but appear very compliant: Can you tell me about the fees? Can you take the fee out of the money I will receive ahead of time? Is it possible to wait until after I am paid on Friday? (each of these can be a separate email) Challenging the lad or "spanking" him early on will only result in making him angry or annoyed. We want him to think of us as compliant and stupid, and we want him to invest time and energy into helping us along. Lads will leave a bait quickly if it seems like too much work.

What was your end goal in the bait? Did you receive the bank account? If so, did you report it? If so - AWESOME!

I'm curious to know why you're claiming the bank account was hacked. We try not to let the lad know the account has been reported, as that sometimes gives them motivation to find other victims when they could be continuing with their scams not aware their source of money laundering has dried up. A stalling technique then a fake receipt might work very nicely at that point. I could see the email switch being a stalling technique if the initial email does indeed look like a business, but most lads are too focused on their goal to pay attention to office issues. At that point, your lad was becoming annoyed, and starting to doubt you.

In general, I love the idea of telling the lad you sent a check. I've done that as well, but I think the lad didn't remotely understand you. Checks are a western idea, and most scammers are used to digital payments, or money cards. I rarely consider "sending a check" unless the lad has also brought it up. The fact that he asked you for a pay slip implies he still thinks you sent a digital payment. He doesn't know what you mean by a check. He reiterated his point by asking you to send Google play, but he had no idea what to do with your information about checks and that was probably the point at which he thought, "this guy has to be one of those jokers I've heard about." That's unfortunate - he will likely go back through the exchange to see what he did wrong, and we really don't want them to learn from their mistakes.

In each of my baits, I try to go back and learn from it so I can make the next one last longer, and produce more bank accounts if possible. I've had fun with names and signature lines, but nothing a lad would ever figure out, unless they were a fan of Oscar Wilde, or they had a solid familiarity with Starbucks coffee drinks. I avoid business signature lines as they are too easy to google and (in)validate.

What did you learn from this bait?
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