Asian site scam

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Asian site scam

Post by SnakesAndearrings » Thu Sep 08, 2022 11:05 pm

  • hello I meet women that saying she from Ukraine and she ask me for help transfer her money to My Bank account I got this lame email from her "bank "
    [snipped email - KLG]
    Hello, this is JP Morgan Chase Bank, Texas Branch, USA. At Amy Sands' request, we will transfer $2.7 million from Amy Sands' account to your account. Please provide the information below so we can send money to your bank account.
    Bank Name:
    Bank address:
    Account number:
    Account Holder:
    Bank branch:
    phone number:
    Home address:
    Please also send us a valid ID for verification. As soon as we receive this information, we will send you $2.7 million.

    I new here ,I'm thinking of a creative way to get back at her.

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Re: Asian site scam

Post by Kitty La Gore » Thu Sep 08, 2022 11:25 pm

Welcome, SnakesAndearrings!

When you say you met the woman, does she have your real life information? Or are you baiting her from an identity that has nothing to do with your real life? The first thing you can do to thwart their progress is to report the email to our sister site,, where it will hopefully show up in future searches to convince others not to send any money 8-)

The bank is fake, of course. As per our rules, I've removed the email address and I do encourage you to check out our forum rules. If the scammer has your personal information in any form whatsoever, you will need to drop all contact.

If you're baiting safely, and this person doesn't know who you are, your best line of action is to get them to give you bank account information, then report it to a mod (our names are in green) so we can report it to authorities.

What's your next move?
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