Confused about his job?

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Confused about his job?

Post by SneakyIsopod » Sun Sep 03, 2023 3:57 pm

Hello :D

i just received this brill email, but the poor scammer seems confused on if they work for Apple or a Conference centre. I would really love to help them out. Would anyone have any advice?

(p.s. i am new here so apologies if i have posted anything incorrectly. I tried to read down the FAQ's but the dyslexia decided to have a party :lol: )
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Re: Confused about his job?

Post by B8er » Mon Sep 04, 2023 11:32 am

Welcome to Eater

This is a phishing or malware email and you're not going to get a response if you replied to it. The domain of the email address that it came from appears to have been spoofed as it belongs to a legitimate company. All the scammer is interested in is getting you to click the link in the email, so they can phish your details or deploy malware.

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