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Facebook Ad Scam

Post by Chuckstar34 » Mon Oct 09, 2023 9:21 am

Im un the uk. Spotted Ad in a Motorcycle group offering bike parts from damgaed stripped bikes. Seems based in USA. Some of the group said they had used them before and all is good..
I asked for some parts, agreed price , sent money via Payapl. Yup...I did it. Sent as friends etc so im now in line to loose money if it goes wrong. And it did.
Person then says they havent had the money...they have according too paypal. Then the accountant cant see it...then they can...then they say the Accountant has scammed them and run off with the money so im not getting my parts. I said its your problem send me the parts...nothing for weeks. then they responed...No Money..no parts...send more and ill send it they say.

As it stand ive kept it looking like im still up for this...but im aware Ive been had! Any way i can get at this scammer in any way...even if its to just shut him down??

Any help would be great.


O h PS. They list everything looking like they are in USA...but Language used sounds like an Indian Asian way of speaking.

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Re: Facebook Ad Scam

Post by bware419ers » Mon Oct 09, 2023 1:04 pm

I'm sorry you lost money to this scam. They will continue to request money from you or may target you using another recovery scam, where they claim they can get your money back, for a fee, of course.
Any way i can get at this scammer in any way
The best way to get even is to post their details at our sister site, ScamWarners.com. This may help others who search the company's reputation before sending money.

Please do not engage them further. They have your real life information and could target you, or your loved ones, in the future.

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