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Post by LordTicklefarts » Fri Feb 26, 2021 1:00 am

First Time Poster , long time scambaiter.

I have been responding to scam emails for fun for a couple years now.. Long before i even knew it was called scambaiting and there was such a large internet community. I have never been active on any forum apart from submitting emails from scammers and their fake documents. I was inspired to actively scam bait when I saw a YouTue video from James Veitch. I eventually found other scambaiting channels on YouTube like Pierogi from Monetized Youtube Baiter, Monetized Youtube Baiter, Jim Browning and Monetized Youtube Baiter. Their videos are my favourite things to binge on.

My first scam bait started years before that though. A very acttractive African women attempted to start a romance scam on me. At first I would have fallen for it as I had never been exposed to this scam. But after exchanging a couple emails, I immediately knew this was a scam. I baited her for a couple weeks before she caught on. Now, I'm a little more experienced, I able to keep them on the hook for longer and pull information. I love baiting advance fee scams because I get to use my real life job experience to detect their fake documents and produce my own bait bank documents.

At first it was just for fun but I become passionate about shutting down these scammers when I found out a Nigerian scammer was hijacking social media accounts of my friends to run a Facebook grant advance fee scam. Scammers have also targeted and scammed my gullible older relatives too. Note, these scammers dont only target rich white Americans and Europeans. They go even go after poor people from third world countries. It is not a poor Africans vs. rich/greedy white people. They will hack and scam anyone. And they're mostly idiots too. That is why I am happy to cause them pain.

I have taken one particularly Nigerian scammer on a long bait and still today after 3 years he still thinks he can get that money he has been trying to scam from me. This guy is too dumb to give up. I will enjoy using the MoneyGram tool on him. I kinda miss hearing his voice. I have managed to shut down his Facebook accounts. I dont go after his google account because that's the only way I can keep track of him. He has created and shared fake images and telephone numbers. I am still trying to get his real face. Hopefully one of your experts can get him to expose his face.

Anyway, hope to learn some new stuff and share my experience. Your resources are very cool.


LordTicklefarts (ps. need to change my username to LordTicklefarts)
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