Frenchie wants money quick

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Frenchie wants money quick

Post by coffinsurfer » Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:08 pm

He found me on fb, first doubting I was real, then wanting a gift card within a few days. It used to be that they would takes a few weeks or so before they started asking for something, now it's a matter of days. Maybe they're working in dog days? ;)
Bidet: Hi beautiful
Were are you from

Elsa: I come from the US
Bidet: What are you do for living
Elsa: I don't work
Bidet: How far Alaye
Elsa: Excuse me? I don't understand
Bidet: How old are you
Elsa: I'm 73
Bidet: What husband
Elsa: What?
What does "How far Alaye" mean?

Bidet: I use that tell you I'm here for you
What are you looking for online

Elsa: I'm looking for a good chocolate cake recipe. Do you have one?
Bidet: I'm looking for serious relationship
Elsa: How old are you?
Bidet: I'm 68 years old
Elsa: No you're not
Bidet: 68 really
But you are old pass me
Elsa: If you're 68, then the pictures on your facebook are at least 40 years old
Bidet: Don't believe in Facebook is just a app let talk about really
I did not bullshit you but have to understand me very were

Elsa: I don't chat with people who are not truthful to me.
Bidet: I'm 40
I'm just texting you
You know I love you but you talk to me that you wanna be with your age
Are you a single or married

Elsa: I'm single
Bidet: But in your page on Facebook you are a window
Elsa: Yes and it panes me to say that
Bidet: widow
I have a mistake
Do you have what's app

Elsa: No
Bidet: Can you downloaded it
Elsa: No
Bidet: Okay babe so verify it with your mobile number after you do it perfect send me your WhatsApp number so I can send you a message damsel !!i hope that will be fine with us there
Elsa: I don't use it
Bidet: Can’t stress you out just to download a WhatsApp okay I just wish you could be my one and only without cheating on each other this is fucking social media don’t forget so will never a special place for each other if it’s truly you are looking for what you want in life
Later in the day.
Bidet: How many years have been on this Facebook
Elsa: About six years now
Bidet: But you don't tell me what you are looking for online here
Elsa: A no-bake cheesecake recipe
Bidet: Am not looking for someone to date but someone to spend the rest of my life with,all is just being sincere to me, make me feel seuced,appreciate,love,care and being understanding
All my life has been engulfed with misery and loneliness,I watch my self loyer wide spread in front of me and didn't know what to do with it,my life has been so boring and hope with someone who is ready to love me for who i am now it's gonna change for the best
What do you like for fun

Elsa: I like to bake
Bidet: What's is your favorite food
Elsa: I like anything with veggies. Do you have a favorite?
Bidet: Yes now
Elsa: I've heard that's really tasty with a good sausage gravy
Bidet: I'm here for you
Are you

Elsa: Yes, I'm here for me too
Bidet: ok
I'm busy at that time
Elsa: No problem. I have other friends to chat with
Bidet: But I'm your best friend
Elsa: really
Bidet: But you are my best friend
You are only one
Trust me
I really enjoyed talking with you,I will be looking to talk with you
About 20 minutes later:
Bidet: My friend I need your help
And I will be happy if you can help me out

Elsa: really
Bidet: I really need your help,have been unable to you my master card over here,since when have gotten in West Africa....i feel ashamed to ask you for help but you are the only one that can help me in the situation I found my self...I will be glad and happy if you can help me out
Elsa: How do you think I can help you? Have you called Mastercard? They have an emergency number. I can look it up.
Bidet: I was talking about gift card my friend where are u now ?
Elsa: Sitting in front of my computer
Bidet: So I'm talking about gift card
Can you go to the store and help me get some card my friend a gift card
Elsa: Sorry but we're still on lockdown here and the grocery stores don't have gift cards.
Bidet: okay
I will go and lend money from my brother

Elsa: That sounds like a good idea
Bidet: Omg what I haven’t hear of this before frnd how could a grocery store don’t have a gift card that means you don’t feel to help me with it
Elsa: Since you've never been here you have no right to question me
And you saying something like that to me is really rude.

Bidet: No babe gat to understand me I ain’t rude to you just say my mind gat to understand me okay
You gat to understand me if I ain’t need your help I will never ask for your help
So that’s why I say that
You can help me

Elsa: So go ask your brother for the money as you said.
Bidet: Okay sorry I do
Will you try to help me with it
Elsa: I already told you the problem. What don't you understand about it?
Bidet: Okay
Do you have cash app
So you can send money truly the cash ap

Elsa: No, I don't have that
Bidet: Go and open it online so you can send it truly online
Elsa: Sorry, but I don't send money online. I only do it by bank transfer.
Bidet: Will you be able to send it true bank transfer then
The next morning:
Bidet: Send me your number,so I can make a call with you,okay
Elsa: Sorry, I don't give out my number to people I meet on here
Bidet: are not have a true mind with me here but I have with you
Because of you I forget about all my friends

Elsa: Well, that's your decision
Bidet: I trust you my friend
Will you be able to send me the money true bank transfer

Elsa: You said your brother would help you
Bidet: I know but my brother is not a good person
And I can see the help from you
Pls talk to me now and I will get you back if I see money

Elsa: Why did you say you would get your brother to help you?
Bidet: My brother is a military so he will tell me that he doesn't have any money for now
What of the money you want to transfer to me

Elsa: You haven't talked about any specifics
Bidet: If you can do me 100 dollars
Elsa: For what?
Bidet: So I can use it to buy the gift card here
I want to use it to upgrade my conetoin data

Elsa: Ok, that makes sense
So all I need is your bank info to transfer the money

Bidet: OK can you did a western union friend ?
Elsa: No
Bidet: So you can't go no where right ?
Elsa: Right
Bidet: Okay then you Can surely get the Card online friend
Elsa: No
Bidet: Okay what info did you need now ?
Elsa: Like I said, your bank info.
Bidet: Ok friend how much do you wanna send me ?
Elsa: You asked for a hundred.
Bidet: Yeah i ask for That but my Bank will debit some money I own them $100 already so I will bs happy if you Can help me more with $200 so I Can Have that $100 and they will debit there $100 as well thats why I'm asking if you can do a cash app or a gift card
Elsa: $100
Bidet: please friend ? Will can help each other and I dont think its bad to be Straight forward to you than to lie
Elsa: $100

He sent a screen shot of someone's name and gmail address.

Bidet: Thats it chime bank
Elsa: Thats not a bank. Thats an email address
Bidet: I guess you are willing to help me tho
Elsa: Only if you get me the info I need....your bank info
Bidet: My bank info
Elsa: Well as you know I need it to transfer money
Bidet: You are not willing to help me with anything I can see your reaction I ask for a gift card to help me with it out there I believe there’s lockdown as you said and where am I I work and people go out there if not the situation I am and I said you should help me with it online you can’t as well I beg for you to help me with cashapp on your phone you say samething as well a western union online you say samething I believe you are not willing to be patient and help me
Elsa: Fine. Forget it then.
Bidet: Cause you wanna help me with em hundreds dollars you ask for a bank info I use a Bank of America and still yet not have access till am out of deployment right now so don’t think otherwise if you wanna do just do
Elsa: Like I said, forget it then. No problem.

He then sent a screen shot of an account number and routing code.

Elsa: I need the name on the account and the bank name also (which he sent)
Bidet: Wish dream do you have for me friend
Elsa: You're welcome
After half an hour
Bidet: I have get you the account right
Elsa: Yes[
What are your plans for the day?

Bidet: My plan is that you get me the money so I can do what ever I want to do
Elsa: Really
Bidet: Yes
Elsa: Do you expect that the money will be there today?????
Bidet: Yes now
Elsa: lol
Bidet: Why
Elsa: It's an international'll take a while
Bidet: You know,you are not a person
Elsa: I'm not??
Then what am I? Plant? Animal? Robot?

Bidet: yes
Elsa: Then I guess you didn't want the money as only a person can transfer it.
Bidet: Fuck you then
Elsa: Glad you said that before I made the transfer....and to think that, five minutes later, it would have been done.
Bidet: Hello
Are you here with me right now

Elsa: I'm sorry, Elsa is busy right now. Please leave your name and a message at the beep and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Bidet: Why all this now
Are you here for me

Elsa: Why all what?
I've poked him a few times but he reads the message and doesn't reply...yet.
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