Frustrated boi

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Frustrated boi

Post by Jimlad » Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:18 am

I've had a lad pretending to be Brian Moynihan, the CEO of the Bank of America on the hook for a couple of weeks now but he's lazy and won't perform for his master. So I decided to tell him to eff off because he was clearly not who he was pretending to be. But he came back with the usual illiterate retorts:

"Hello, if you are not interested in your fund that is about to be transfer to your own personal account as I ordered, simply identify your meaning OK, so that I will concentrate on those who are willy to receive their fund, And attend those that regard and sour more my visit, after receiving their fund "

I replied, "What a pile of babbling, unintelligible, illiterate crap." He wasn't happy:

"You are nothing, but a full"

I taunted his spelling and called him an imbecile. Then came the pièce de résistance:

"If you text me again I will arrest you did I make my self clear "

Which is quite a talent for a bank manager, I think you'll agree!
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Re: Frustrated boi

Post by Kitty La Gore » Sat Jun 12, 2021 8:17 pm

Well... you got a bit of a rant there, but do be careful you don't "burn" the lad or educate him. If we tell a lad he's full of crap, he'll start looking over his approach to see where he went wrong, and he'll try to do better next time. We definitely don't want that!

Perhaps you can email him, letting him know you were on a full bender and all those notes were drunk ramblings and you're coming to your senses and horrified that you have lost the chance at the money, and if he'll send you the account you'll send funds immediately to make this right...
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Re: Frustrated boi

Post by Padme » Sun Jun 13, 2021 2:01 am

Saying you were drunk also gives you a built in excuse for future absences, fuckups, strange replies, etc. You could also act worried about the forthcoming arrest and express your fear of going to prison again and maybe work out some way to avoid such a fate. What you went to prison for can come out during the bait depending on how you want to play it with the lad (maybe you know something about money laundering, or you yourself are a dangerous person, etc.).
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