Europol Sex Crime

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Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jun 08, 2022 11:18 pm

In late April the church was shocked and horrified to be contacted by Europol
At the request of Commissioner General of the Federal Police, elected as Director of Europol.
I am contacting you shortly after a computer seizure of Cyber-infiltration (Authorised, in particular in the field of

Child pornography, Paedophilia,
Cyber pornography,
Exhibitionist, Sex Trafficking

to inform you that you are subject to several legal proceedings in force. For your information, the law of March 2007 aggravates the penalties when propositions, sexual assaults or rapes have been committed using the internet and you have committed the offences after being targeted on the internet (ad site), then during email exchanges (instant messaging) with several minors, the nude photos of you that you send to the minors have been recorded by our cyber gendarme and constitute the evidence of your offences. You are requested to make yourselves heard by mail by writing us your justifications so that they are examined and checked in order to evaluate the sanctions, that within a strict time limit.

If you fail to do so, we will be obliged to transmit your report to the deputy prosecutor at the Créteil court of first instance and specialist in cybercrime, in order to draw up an arrest warrant for you, which I will then transmit to the Gendarmerie closest to your place of residence for your arrest and to file you as a sex offender, and to transmit your file to several national television news channels for broadcasting, where your family, friends and the whole world will see what you are doing in front of your computer.
Now you have been warned
Obviously the church couldn’t risk its reputation, so owned up to the crime and threw itself upon the mercy of the Head of the Minors' Protection Brigade …. to no avail
You have committed an offence, because on pornographic and naughty websites there are also minors, which is forbidden by law.

We present you with the following choices:

1 - JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS: the courts could take the necessary steps to prosecute you, and make the case public, thereby deterring others from playing this game on the net.

2 - AMICABLE SETTLEMENT: the judiciary could settle this problem amicably, in which case you will have to pay a criminal fine of 4 550,49 Dollar provided for by national legislation.

Father Dougal wrote back
This is a very delicate matter which we would like to keep confidential.
Luckily we are a well funded church, so my main concern is not the cost of the fine, but how to protect the reputation of the church.
I wonder why Europol are so keen to settle out of court?
For your own good and that of your relatives and colleagues, please settle out of court and we will send you an official document stating that all charges against you have been dropped.

Now you are warned.
We agreed to pay the fine through Moneygram, but …..
Listen sir we have called several times impossible to recover the MTCN, do not take the risk that this case is revealed publicly follow my instructions to the letter. Send us the MTCN, or I must remind you that you have no choice! Do as I say or expect the worst.

A payment by Bitcoin was suggested, but obviously as a church this is not permitted. Luckily Europol have a bank account (reported) but …….
Dougal wrote:There is a problem with your bank account.
I have just returned from the bank where they told me your account is flagged as suspicious and under investigation. They would not give me any further detail, but would not transfer the money because of this.
Is this something you are aware of? What does it mean, I have not heard of this sort of thing before.
Can you check the bank details you gave me are correct?
Other forms of transfer were suggested but …..
Dougal wrote:Unfortunately as a church we are very limited on the methods of money transfer we can use.
Neither cashapp or zelle are permitted. I do apologise, you must find us very old fashioned.
I have spoken to the Bishop but this would require permission from the grand council of the general synod, and they don't meet again until July.
Tempers became frayed
Listen for the good of the church do what I tell you if you do not do the negotiation will stop and we will make the deal public you be warned.
Even a phone call to Bishop Lenny couldn’t resolve the issue

Then Dougal had the clever idea of using a world renowned shipping company to send cash to Europol, but .......
No court in the world accepts payment by parcel post.
Cash payments are only allowed when you go to the office in person to make the payment.

When you talk about the principles of your church!

So your church accepts that its staff do child pornography, pedophilia, cyber pornography, exhibitionism, sex trafficking?

Dougal then ups the ante
The Cardinal has asked me to offer you £6,000 in cash. This would cover the fine and the inconvenience of receiving cash.
But they didn’t bite
I am sorry to tell you that your proposal is not acceptable and we do not accept the pot de vain so just pay the 4550.49 pounds provided for by the national legislation for this purpose.

You know what I have given my word to ensure total discretion in this matter once the transaction is completed so stop wasting time I am the only one to control this.
Dougal has one last try
I have been authorised to make you an offer of £10,000 cash. This is our final offer.
If this is not accepted then we will opt for judicial procedure and pass the case to the church’s legal team
Surprise surprise, this offer was accepted
I want the parcel to be delivered to our correspondent's address in Abidjan.

If you can do this then I agree to accept the £10,000 in cash as a compensation and workaround.
Seems odd that Europol has an office in the Ivory Coast, but who are the church to question such a prestigious organization.

Phew! It’s a huge weight off of Dougal's shoulders, knowing that the money is now in the safe hands of our favourite 5 star shipping company.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Kitty La Gore » Thu Jun 09, 2022 1:26 am

I lost it at "Bishop Lenny" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Mr Dapper » Thu Jun 09, 2022 9:05 am

This all sound very familiar. Cyril has been baiting Mrs De Bolle, and her henchmen for over a month now and has encountered no end of problems. Not least of them being some other poor pedo sending an almost identical MoneyGram receipt. Luckily Cyril's managed to overcome that small problem and is just about to send Bertje a couple more bank accounts. :lol:
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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Fri Jun 10, 2022 10:35 pm

The parcel slowly made its way towards Abidjan, obviously stopping off at the Casablanca hub on the way.

As the parcel was high value, in line with Plog’s security regulations, government ID was requested and provided.


Just as the parcel should’ve been arriving in Abidjan, Plog sent this
Your parcel has arrived at Kotoka International Airport, Accra.
A member of the local delivery team will contact you in due course.
Surely this must be a mistake? But apparently not ....
”Plog” wrote:You have a parcel on the way to you. From the information on record, I gather that the parcel was scheduled to arrive in Abidjan today. I regret to inform you that your parcel has been re-directed to Accra, Ghana.

During a routine audit of our Abidjan delivery hub we have found several severe issues with the operating of said hub. Local law enforcement was informed which has led to a number of arrests. We are not allowed to disclose any further information while the investigation is ongoing.

During the investigation, we have been instructed by the authorities to cease all operations at the Abidjan hub until further notice. We currently do not have a timeframe in which operations can resume, as this is dependent on the outcome of the investigation.

We are currently assessing the situation and will revert to you as soon as we have relevant information to update you. Your parcel and satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we will do everything in our power to find an appropriate solution for everyone involved.
Straightaway Dougal is updated
I am very disappointed and angry because you reassured me of the reliability of this transaction and that the parcel could be transferred to Abidjan without any problem and here we have not yet received the parcel.
And Plog receive this ...
I am very angry and disappointed with your work, why are you giving me this lame excuse tonight? What happens to my package? Because you can't keep it in Ghana?
No, we can’t keep it in Ghana, we want you to come and collect it. What’s a 12 hour journey when there’s £10,000 waiting at the other end?

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jun 11, 2022 3:19 pm

Plog sent an update
I wish to provide an update on the situation in Abidjan. Again please accept my apologizes for the delay in delivering your parcel. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Our investigation has found wide spread fraud throughout the Abidjan hub, resulting in numerous arrests. Our team is working around the clock aiding the local authorities, however due to the sheer scale of the incident, the Abidjan delivery hub will remain closed for the time being.

Your parcel is safely stored at our Accra hub. We are unable to deliver your parcel as our license agreement does not permit us to make deliveries across country borders. We are currently assessing the situation and available options. We hope to be able to share a further update with you later today.
The lad is keen to receive the parcel with little effort from himself
So since your office is closed in Abidjan, would it not be possible to forward my parcel to another transport company that will see to the sending of the parcel from Accra to Abidjan? Even if this involves additional costs.
Once he’s told that the additional costs would be his responsibility, he changes his tune
I have decided to wait and trust Plog, I really hope that this problem will be solved by next week and that you will be able to deliver the parcel yourself in Abidjan as agreed.
Well that’s not going to happen is it
”Plog” wrote:I can provide a further update on the situation in Abidjan.

The Abidjan hub will be closed for the foreseeable future. Over the past day, we have been in high level discussions with Government agencies in both Ghana and Ivory Coast. However we have been unable to reach an agreement which would allow us to make deliveries across country borders.

As we are unable to deliver your parcel we can offer the following options.

1. You can collect the parcel yourself from our delivery hub in Accra. We will reimburse all costs for any expenses incurred plus pay $250 compensation for your inconvenience.

2. We are able to transfer your parcel to Takoradi. This is the closest city to the border between Ghana and Ivory Coast. If you wish to collect the parcel yourself, we will reimburse all costs for any expenses incurred plus pay $250 compensation for your inconvenience.

3. If your parcel cannot be collected within two weeks, it will be returned to the sender and all associated costs refunded.
Takoradi is closer to the border and only a mere 6 hours drive.
But it seems like the lad has a friend in Accra
I would like to know if anyone else besides me can collect the parcel with you at Accra airport on my behalf?
I have a work partner who is in Accra at the moment, would it be possible to give him the references of the parcel so that he can pick it up in person or that you go and deliver it to his address in Accra?
No, that would be too easy and no fun
”Plog” wrote:Due to security incident at Abidjan delivery hub, new regulations are now in place. To prevent fraudulent activities we no longer allow transfer of recipient.

Only you can collect parcel and ID must be presented at time of collection.
He tries again. For someone who doesn’t speak English, he writes it very well
I do not intend to make a trip to Accra, I do not speak English and have no idea of your procedures so I have decided to transfer the parcel to the name of a person from our association who is Ghanaian and who will be in Accra probably today
Nope, damn these new head office regulations
”Plog” wrote:I is sorry this is new regulations from head office. We not allow name changes anymore. It not possible.

To helps maybe we have dispatch manager in office who speak good French. He come to meet with you to assist.
I’m sure the lad will appreciate the offer of a French speaking staff member ....
What is this bogus regulation it was agreed that you will come and deliver the parcel in Abidjan and not in Accra now if your office in Abidjan has a problem it's not my fault, moreover me and my sender are free to order you to hand over the parcel to whoever they want, listen Mr your regulation is not logical. What you are encountering is meaningless nonsense.

”Plog” wrote:I must offer apologises to you. These are new regulations sent by head office from Monday. We can no longer transfer parcel as that is change of name.

Head office say we increase your compensation to $400. I hope this good for you.
Maybe the increase in compensation will calm him down
Listen Mr. stop taking the piss out of me I don't need your compensation I just want to get my parcel back which has more value than your bullshit compensation, your story doesn't hold water anymore every time I find a solution to get the parcel back you find a new pretext to refuse, if new laws are introduced in your functions you are obliged to warn your customers immediately especially since people have parcels stored with you, and you're going to come up with this bogus story of a new law! I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.

Since you are proposing a compensation of 400 dollars, send me the money by Western Union money order so that I can make the trip to Accra, for the money order fees you can deduct the 400 dollars.

I have cash with you worth 10,000 pounds, so it's safe to say that if you send me the transport that you say you will pay in advance, it will make it easier for me to make the trip to Accra because I can't afford it.
The local Plog office has had enough and passes the complaint to head office
”Plog” wrote:Your case has been passed to me and to begin I would like to sincerely apologise for the unforeseen issues surrounding your parcel. However, I would ask you to refrain from profanities if you wish to communicate with us further.

All the guidance you have been provided with has been correct at the time it was given. Due to the serious security incident at our Abidjan delivery hub, the company has introduced new regulations around parcel receiver transfership. Please note that terms and conditions of service can be amended at any time. If you wish to discuss the new regulations you can call our head office legal team on xxxxx

Your parcel is available to be collected by yourself from either Accra or Takoradi for another two weeks. I have extended the original collection period to reflect the difficult circumstances.

Regrettably we are unable to provide compensation in advance. All payments for expenses incurred plus compensation will be paid in cash (US dollars) at time of collection.
He tries again with suggesting another transport company
Very well sir, if you cannot authorise another person to come and collect the parcel then with the agreement of my sender we will ask you to hand over the parcel to a transport company to take it to Abidjan.
”Plog” wrote:Giving the parcel to a third party transport company would require a name change to them. The new regulations no longer permit this.

I appreciate the difficulty this is causing you and I am authorised to increase your compensation payment to $500 as a last offer and final settlement.
Surely another increase in compensation will appease him
Damn you fools I have cash with you worth 10,000 pounds and you tell me about a compensation of 500 dallors what the hell do I care about your compensation? You sons of bitches I don't believe in this go to hell all of you.

Your stupid compensation you can give to your mothers.
The lad complains to Father Dougal
I have tried all sorts of negotiations with Plog and they have rejected all my requests so if it is not possible to put the parcel in the name of our agent who is already in Accra nor to entrust the parcel to another transport company which will carry the transfer of the parcel to Abidjan then there is no solution because we will not go to Ghana.

I come back to my last option, return the parcel to your home and simply pay the fine requested by the legislation, by Western Union money order on Abidjan, 4550,49 pounds, if you refuse this option then no worries we will go to court.
But the church has had enough
”Dougal” wrote:I have just had a difficult conversation with the Bishop. He is very angry that we sent you money on top of the fine to cover any inconvenience and yet we just hear excuses that your agent only speaks french so cannot travel.

He says this whole saga has been beset with problems from the start. We have tried to send you the money by bank to bank transfer, moneygram and now cash through a transport courier. Consequently he has no faith in any other method working.

I will ask Plog to return the parcel to us and we will opt to go to court and face the consequences. Please take this as a formal request to go to court trial. That is the Bishops decision.

”Plog” wrote:Your parcel has been recalled by the sender.
It will be dispatched within 72 hours.
I wonder if there will be a twist in the tale?

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sun Jun 12, 2022 10:31 pm

The parcel was on its way back to the church in London, but the lad was still tracking the parcel and saw it had arrived at Bobo Dioulasso airport, despite being told earlier that Plog did not have a delivery hub in French speaking Burkina Faso.
Vous êtes une bande de merdes vous avez dire que vous ne pouvez pas envoyà le colis au Burkina Faso alors pour ramener le colis au destinataire vous avez besoin de passer par le Burkina

(google translation)
You are a bunch of shit you said you can't send the package to Burkina Faso so to bring the package back to the recipient you need to go through Burkina Faso

Father Dougal is also contacted
When I suggested to deliver the parcel in Burkina Faso, precisely in Bobo Dioulasso, you claimed that Plog does not have an office there.

A proof that you Plog are not clear in this story of the parcel but we have just recovered his information which will be added to your file during the trial.
Obviously there is a simple explanation
”Dougal” wrote:Yes I am aware. I received an email from Plog courier advising that the return of the parcel to us would be delayed, as the plane it was on had to make an unscheduled landing due to a technical issue. I'm told it landed at Bobo Dioulaso airport.

I have since spoken to Plog and although they do not have a depot there, they tell me the parcel could be collected. I recall you asking me if they had offices in Burkina Fasa so is it possible you could collect it now?

Plog tracking is showing two IP addresses; one in Abidjan and another in Korhogo, which is in the north of Ivory Coast but still a 5 hour drive to Bobo Dioulaso.

Plog to the lad
Your parcel is at Bobo Dioulasso airport. Sender say you come and collect.
We have no delivery hub at Bobo Dioulasso. As parcel delayed and you inconvenienced lots, we can work it out no problem.
I will supervise collection for you so it be easy I hope.

Please remembers you must show ID we have on record when collect parcel.
Yes I have already been informed by my sender that the parcel is in Bobo Dioulasso and that I could pick it up in Bobo Dioulasso, I agree with this option I will come and pick up the parcel in Bobo Dioulasso but you will have to keep the parcel in Bobo Dioulasso for a few days while I organise my trip and I will keep you informed, I will make the departure from Abidjan, without doubt I will come by bus

Now, since you were talking about arranging us, if you can find a solution to transfer the parcel from Bobo Dioulasso to Abidjan, that would be more convenient for me, I will drop your compensation and I will pay you 300 pounds as compensation, at the reception of my parcel, I think that with this option, everyone will be a winner.
He must be keen if he’s prepared to pay £300, but obviously it can't be done.
”plog” wrote:Transfer to Abidjan is not possible. We has no delivery facility or delivery license in Burkina Faso.

Abidjan to Bobo Dioulasso is long way travel. You send me bus receipt photo. If you stop hotel, we pay expenses for sure. Please send receipts photo, we have money ready for you.
I acknowledge receipt of your message. No worries, I will make the trip from Abidjan to Bobo Dioulasso to collect my parcel, but you will have to keep the parcel for a few more days while I organise my trip.
I will come by bus, you must know that the land borders are not officially open, so the journeys are long and painful.
As for the compensation, I am not very interested in it, the only thing I am interested in is my package.
I hope the journey isn’t too long and painful.
Unsure why he doesn’t want the $500 compensation on offer.

As Plog doesn’t have a local delivery hub, its arranged to meet at a hotel nearby
”Plog” wrote:We has no delivery hub in Bobo Dioulasso. It ok I arrange good. You come to hotel.
You say what time and Moussa meet you at hotel entrance. Take you back to parcel store.
If bus late, you email me and we change time it not a problem. You been inconvenienced and I told to help sort it for you.
Thank you for the information, no worries, I will keep you informed at least 24 hours before my departure from Abidjan with the bus journey which will take one day, you will have time to organise my arrival. I do not intend to stay in Bobo Dioulasso once I have collected my parcel, I will return immediately to Abidjan.
Ok, we’re up to date and looks like he’ll be travelling to Bobo Dioulasso to collect the parcel.

Any idea how I can get proof as he won’t send receipts?
I’m thinking maybe a photo by the hotel when Moussa can’t find him.
Or Moussa is taken ill and can’t meet him until the following day, so he has to stay in a hotel. Plog will reimburse the cost when he provides a photo of the receipt.

Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Tue Jun 14, 2022 11:16 am

Here we go ....
Hello Mr how are you today I hope well, I just want to inform you that I will take my departure for Bobo Dioulasso tomorrow morning very early so if the trip goes well I will be in Bobo Dioulasso tomorrow evening.

Now would it be possible to have the phone number of your employee Moussa to call him once I arrive in Bobo Dioulasso which would facilitate communication. No, Moussa works in the secure cargo zone at the airport where phones are not permitted

When I arrive in Bobo Dioulasso, would it be possible for Moussa to come and pay the bill for my hotel stay in person? Sorry regulations state expenses can only be reimbursed with a receipt

Where would you advise me to stay? I'm sure I can find an excellent hotel

Good Tuesday to you.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Thu Jun 16, 2022 8:27 am

Dougal receives an update
I have just been informed that Mr Dembele's coach broke down last night while travelling to a town in Ivory Coast, call Bouaké, they had to sleep there so this morning he is trying to repair the coach if it doesn't work quickly another coach will leave for Abidjan to pick them up to continue the journey.

They are already half way through the journey, I hope that the bus will be repaired quickly so that they can continue their journey. I will keep you informed as soon as it arrives in Bobo Dioulasso.
If true, only another 7.5 hours journey to go.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Thu Jun 16, 2022 12:05 pm

Dougal, being the caring guy he is, offered to ask Plog if they would reimburse the costs of the hotel in Bouake.
I thank you for your understanding and for your concern for Mr Dembele.
Plog informed me that they will reimburse the transport costs and hotel accommodation but the problem of the journey is that currently in West Africa the land borders are not officially accessible so from the Ivorian border Mr Dembele will make the rest of the journey clandestinely so no receipt for the transport costs now Plog has clarified in its message that it will only take into account the legal costs with receipts.

But in short, the most important thing is that Mr Dembele gets the parcel back, the transport and accommodation costs are only details.
Obviously Plog clarified nothing of the sort. They are happy to pay any costs as long as a receipt is provided. I'm sure James Bond doesn't have these issues when he's working clandestinely.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:12 am

As a company proud of its 5 star customer service rating, Plog inquires when they wish to collect the parcel.
I wish you a very good Friday, thank you very much for your understanding, I think we will arrive in Bobo Dioulasso today at night so tomorrow would be ideal to collect the parcel.

Once we arrive in Bobo Dioulasso I will keep you informed.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Fri Jun 17, 2022 3:29 pm

Plog wrote:All is good. Remember send me receipt for expenses you want us pay.
He really doesn't want to send any receipts
You should know that in Africa the majority of expenses are made without a receipt. You can ask Moussa nowadays the borders between the West African countries are closed so people cross the borders illegally so there are no receipts for transport costs.
Plog wrote:Yes due to circumstances we accept travel costs no receipt. I confirm with manager.
Hotel we need receipt. If you send tonight I authorise ready for Moussa give you, no delay.
Thank you for your understanding, for the transport costs to my destination it will cost me 50000fcfa for the hotel once I arrive I will keep you informed and if necessary I will send you the receipt for the hotel costs.

The bus is repaired and we have been on the road for a few hours so if all goes well we will be in Bobo Dioulasso today at night.
Don't think we'll be getting a receipt.
Hopefully he's up for a photo in front of the hotel.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jun 18, 2022 2:27 pm

How are you, I am currently at the border of Burkina Faso and I will be in Bobo Dioulasso by 5am. I want you to inform Moussa that I want to pick up the package as soon as I arrive in Bobo.

Since Moussa will be picking me up, I think it would be possible to give me his telephone number so that I can call him.

If not, please tell me:

Where will my meeting place with Moussa be and what time?

I look forward to hearing from you very early tomorrow morning.
”Plog” wrote:Meet at Hotel arranged
You tell time for meet
Moussa not allow phone in restricted security area
I have arrived in Bobo Dioulasso, you can tell Moussa by 2 hours at the latest, we can meet at the hotel l'auberge.

How can I recognize Moussa?

And clandestinely the whole trip cost me 75000fcfa so please confirm if Moussa will reimburse me the money? For my hotel you can forget about it I slept in a small hotel yesterday and if I get my package back today I will turn around right away.
Mr I am waiting to read you, I need to know if Moussa comes to me, I don't know anyone in Bobo Dioulasso please let him come and get me as soon as possible so that I can get my parcel and return to Abidjan.
I was busy in the morning
”Plog” wrote:Moussa busy with urgent duty. He meet with you 13.30 Hotel
He wear red tee shirt, drive gray van
Ok no worries tell Moussa I will be there.

Now you haven't answered my question, will you reimburse me for the transport costs I spent? 75000fcfa is the equivalent of 115€.
”Plog” wrote:I authorise Moussa to give you 75,000 CFA for transport and $500 compensation payment.
If you has receipts I can pay hotel and others as well.
”Plog” wrote:Moussa say he at hotel now.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jun 18, 2022 3:08 pm

And we're off .......
Mr. I am at the meeting place but I can't see Moussa, please tell Moussa that I am here.

He should have arrived before me because I don't know the city.
”Plog” wrote:Moussa at hotel now, he has no phone
Message on delivery pad in van
I give him your email he message you
Good evening Moussa I am in front of the hotel I do not see a gray truck nor a person dressed in red please come and stop in front of the hotel entrance please
”Moussa” wrote:hey mamadou

you in right place? hotel lauberge??
”Moussa” wrote: it to hot, I go to swim pool sit on chair , wait for you 10 minutes
Get out of the hotel I'm outside the hotel entrance is sitting a cobbler
”Moussa” wrote: are you main entrance or fitness center entrtance?
you not main entrtance
is you at right hotel? I hopes you not play games with me
Mr I can't leave for the Ivory Coast and come and play with you, give me the number plate of your car and I'll come and stop in front of the car.

get out of the hotel and raise your hand I'm in front of the hotel
”Moussa” wrote: I has to leave soon for more delivery
you not at hotel
take photo of you at hotel entrance I can see
I think I'm back to school. Mr listen to me I don't know the city where I am there are 2 entrances to the hotel and the one to drive to the swimming pool just to the right is the sunu insurance office
Listen Moussa get out of the hotel I stopped in front of the hotel entrance just a few steps from the hotel is the uba bank

”Moussa” wrote: Why you not send photo??
I think you not at hotel
I has to leave in 5 minutes
Here is the proof that I am in front of the hotel get out of the hotel Mr

That is the hotel, so he is there :lol:
I'm going to let him wait for an hour, then Plog will tell him Moussa had to leave, but will meet him tomorrow.
Obviously Plog will suggest he stays overnight in the hotel and will reimbuse him the costs.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jun 18, 2022 4:20 pm

Mamadou to Plog
Listen Mr. I have already done more than 4 days of travel I am very tired tell Moussa to come and meet me at the CTROF bus station. That is where I am now.

I don't need your compensation anymore, tell Moussa to simply come and deliver my package so that I can return to Abidjan tomorrow.

And in our previous messages you confirmed that you don't have a licence to make deliveries in Bobo Dioulasso, so how can this be done now that Moussa has gone to make deliveries?

If it is possible for him to go and make deliveries then he should send me the parcel directly at our meeting.

I will contact my sender to inform him.

I don't have any money to extend my stay, how can I pay for the hotel room tonight? Please tell Moussa to come back to me now as I have no money to extend my stay.
Plog wrote:Hello Mamadou,

Moussa is not employed by Plog. This arrangement was put in place to assist you when the plane was diverted to Bobo-Dioulasso.

I am told Moussa has finished work for the day. If you wish he will meet you at the hotel or a central place of your choosing tomorrow. As the parcel is HVP (high value parcel) it is not permitted for him to take it off-site. He will bring you to the secure cargo zone at the airport, where upon presentation of your ID, you will be given your parcel, expenses and compensation.

I am truly sorry to hear of the events of this afternoon and apologise for your inconvenience.
Father Dougal is also updated
There is a serious problem since this morning at 10am Mr Dembele arrived in Bobo Dioulasso and he went to the meeting place of Plog but nobody came to meet him.

Here are the photos of the meeting place as proof.

Mr. Dembele has already spent more than 4 days on the road and is financially exhausted. He has no money left to pay for the hotel room tonight, so please contact PITH urgently so that their courier in Bobo Dioulasso can come and deliver the package to Mr. Dembele so that he can return to Abidjan tomorrow.

Very very urgent please.
Unfortunately Dougal won't be able to respond until late tonight.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jun 18, 2022 10:38 pm

Good evening Mr it seems to me that you don't want to understand me I don't have any more money to pay me the hotel room tonight! So how do I do it's just 4:30 pm here in Bobo Dioulasso Moussa can make the exemption to come and meet me don't forget that I made the trip from Abidjan to Bobo Dioulasso in addition my bus had broken down on the way so I made 4 days on the road before arriving in Bobo. So Mr. I beg you to make the exemption and ask Moussa to come back to me I am currently at the CTROF bus station.
This is a desperate situation. Moussa has finished for the day. All Plog can do is wish him good night.
Good evening Mr,
Very well, I'm already in a bind and I'm obliged to assume the situation, so I want you to inform Moussa for a new meeting tomorrow morning at 9:30 am at the CTROF bus station.

I hope that he will respect tomorrow's meeting, otherwise I can guarantee that I will file a complaint.
I'm sure everything will get sorted tomorrow, after all we wouldn't want him to file a complaint.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Capt. Caveman » Sun Jun 19, 2022 12:11 am

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I need more ambitious Vlads. Mine won't even drive 6.5 miles.
From when I was The Scam Hunter

My dear, I just went to the bank that would get your money. I was told that such remittance is not there !!!!!! Once again you have deceived me! Why did you do that to me! I've always been honest and sincere with you! I cry ........ Maria

Captain's log...
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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by bware419ers » Sun Jun 19, 2022 12:50 pm

I wonder if you lad could make his way to the next town...

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Tue Jun 21, 2022 12:44 pm

Exciting news overnight as Moussa's wife gave birth to a baby boy, so arrangements were made with Clarence to meet at the bus station at 3.30pm. Now Clarence has only been with the company for less than a week, but I'm confident after yesterday's debacle, everything will be fine today

Our lad to Clarence
Good evening Mr Clarence,
It's already 3pm so I'm on my way to the CTROF bus station. I hope you will respect the appointment and be punctual.
Good evening Mr Clarence I am at the meeting place and I still haven't heard from you the least you can do is reply to my messages please reply to me I need to know if you are coming or not.
I deserve a minimum of respect and consideration I have travelled from Abidjan to here to collect my parcel.
Our lad to Plog
Mr. I still haven't heard from you or Clarence! What excuse are you going to give me again? I have already contacted my sender if you don't deliver the package today. I'm going back to Abidjan tomorrow morning very early and I won't accept any more excuses.
Plog wrote:We are trying to contact Clarence and ascertain his location. Please bear with us.
Good evening Mr,
Don't take the piss out of me, it was Clarence himself who gave the appointment at 3.30 pm and now he can't be reached! From you to me, do you find this logical?

I have travelled more than 1000 kilometres to Bobo Dioulasso, 4 days of travel without sleeping and here I am in Bobo Dioulasso for 48 hours, no one is able to come and meet me. I warn you, I will not accept any more excuses if Clarence does not come to the meeting.
Plog wrote:We have been unable to contact Clarence. He is not responding to direct messages, nor has there been any contact from the depot
Then later that evening some shocking news
Plog wrote:I apologise for the delay in getting back to you. I have some disturbing news to share with you.

We have been informed that Clarence had absconded with a number of parcels including yours. He has been apprehended near the town of Orodara by local police and is currently in custody. Your parcel has been recovered and is safe.

We have been told the parcel will not be returned to the airport cargo facility. Instead it will be available for collection tomorrow morning from Orodara.

I believe Orodara is on the route to Abidjan, so I hope this will not inconvenience you too much. I can also confirm your compensation and expenses will still be available to you.
Actually Orodara is a 2 hour drive and a bit of a detour from the road back to Abidjan, but with £10k on the line, will he be tempted?
(Thanks Bware for the suggestion)

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Bertje » Tue Jun 21, 2022 2:02 pm

Glad to see good ol' Plog is still maintaining their delivery succes rate.!

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:24 am

Unfortunately he didn't take the bait
I will not go anywhere if you cannot bring the parcel back to Bobo Dioulasso, so find a solution to transfer the parcel to Abidjan. I will take my departure at 11 am.

My sender has already paid all your expenses if your company is not able to find trustworthy people to work with, it's not up to me to take responsibility for your mistakes, which are constantly being repeated.

It's been a month since you got my parcel and you are not able to deliver it to me what kind of transport company are you?
His comments were escalated to Plog head office and as he was returning to Abidjan I thought I'd try and give him the runaround there
Plog wrote:Following an escalation of your case to the senior management team, I
thought I would would write to you personally.

At Plog we pride ourselves with the 5 Star level of care andcustomer service we provide. Clearly that standard has not been met with your delivery and I wish to offer my sincere apologies for the non-delivery of your parcel.

As you know the Abidjan hub was closed following a serious security breach. It is re-opening on a restricted basis from Wednesday this week to train the new operating staff. Deliveries will not be made for another month. Given the issues you have encountered, I have tasked the new manager of the hub with ensuring your parcel is available forcollection from Abidjan later this week.

Please let me know if this is something you wish to pursue.
Good evening Mr,

I acknowledge receipt of your message, I thank you for taking care of my case, I hope that this time the parcel will come to Abidjan in good conditions and that I will be able to recover my parcel without any problem.

I have now arrived in Abidjan. All I ask is that I regain the trust I had in Plog.

I have one last question to ask you if the parcel comes to Abidjan and I leave to collect it, will I get the compensation you promised me in the background?
Its doubtful he'll receive his compensation, but I'm sure the lad will get everything he deserves.

His IP is showing his location is west of the airport, unfortunately Plog's new delivery hub is in the east, around an hours drive. Sort of middle of nowhere and easy to get lost. I just he can find it ok.
I wish you a very good Thursday.
I would first like to know if my parcel has arrived at the office in Abidjan?
I will come to your warehouse tomorrow morning at about 9 to 10 am, tomorrow morning once I have taken the departure I will send you an email to warn you.
Plog wrote:Your parcel has arrived in Abidjan and been transferred to our delivery hub. It is now safely stored in the secure vault. The security gate team have been advised to expect you tomorrow morning. I look forward to meeting you.
Hello again Mr,
Thank you very much for reassuring me about the state of my parcel, no worries until tomorrow morning.

Hopefully more fun tomorrow .....

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Bertje » Fri Jun 24, 2022 8:45 am

Hopefully more fun tomorrow .....

A challenge has been given..... :D :D

I'll leave it to PaulC to decide if and when to disclose the challenge

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jun 25, 2022 4:04 pm

First off, Bertje deserves a lot of the credit here for finding a webcam in central Abidjan.

So we had left the story with the lad due to collect his parcel from the fictional depot around an hour's drive away, but in the morning disaster strikes
Mr. I have a problem this morning my vehicle seems to break down and refuses to start which will complicate my travel so I would like to ask you a service would it not be possible for you to come and deliver my parcel in the city centre of Abidjan? I would like to ask you for a service: would it be possible for you to come and deliver my parcel in the city centre of Abidjan? Because the location of your warehouse is a bit far from the city and without my personal car, it would be very difficult for me to travel. I would like a delivery to my postal address that I gave at the beginning of the transaction or I will meet you in person in a place where I would have the monopoly of security because it would be very dangerous for me to move with the package from your warehouse to my home.
As a company that is proud of its 5 Star customer service, Plog is happy to oblige the lad, especially when Bertje finds the below webcam ... ory_coast/

We manage to find the name of the building the webcam is overlooking and give the location to the lad, telling him that a member of the security team, Denis, will meet him. Bertje's challenge to me was to capture him on the webcam.

Obviously security is paramount when you're delivery a parcel containing £10,000, so we needed to know what the lad was wearing.
Thank you Mr. I wore a Moroccan boubou that is yellow in colour.
I have already arrived at the meeting place.
I am currently parked in front of the djekanou I do not see you the plate of my car is 416e01 I am parked just under the lamp post with the orange white green flag
I am currently at the tarmac I am leaning on the car I am wearing a yellow Moroccan boubou please come and park in front of the hotel I am here.
And here's the proof that not all lads lie

Quality isn't great and its only a short clip, but he's the guy leaning against the silver car at the bottom of the screen

Denis was very concerned about security and wouldn't park up until he was sure it was the lad, so it was suggested he should walk across the road to the median and wave
But why all these complications just come and park in front of the djekanou and I will come to you I have my young brother crossing the road he was wearing a white shirt
Unfortunately the webcam kept freezing and I didn't capture this.
Mr what are you playing at I am going to move I have been waiting for you for more than half an hour I will have to contact your superior
Mr. I've been waiting for Denis for more than an hour and he still hasn't come to see me, so I turn around and tell him to meet me in front of the ibis hotel
Fed up, the lad resorts to sarcasm
I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have given me. I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have given me and for the excellent service you have provided. When will this case end?
I had to spend more than an hour parked in front of the djekanou and I don't think Denis came to my appointment.
I am currently at the airport, would it be possible for me to pick up the package now? I will be at your warehouse in 30 minutes!
He's a glutton for punishment this lad
Plog wrote:Yes of course this is possible. Denis has confirmed he will be back in 10 minutes, so the parcel will be available by the time you arrive. I will inform the security gate team to expect you.
Mr. I am having trouble finding your warehouse I am currently at the China mall level can you give me more details on your warehouse?
Further directions are provided, but to no avail
Mr. I am in front of the ADS company and can you send one of your staff to look for me as I am having trouble finding your warehouse.
Mr please I'm just going around in circles would it not be possible to give me the phone number of the warehouse so that I can call or if possible I will go and park in front of the Chinese shop and the security guard will come and get me in front of the shop
Of course we need to know exactly where he is before we'll send a member of the security team to find him
Ok I'm parked right at the tarmac when he arrives he'll see me. Here is a picture of the shop
Mr Jack, I arrived at the meeting place more than 20 minutes ago.
Why such a long silence?
I leave the place your security guard doesn't come and you don't answer me anymore so what should I think of you know that I am disappointed and very angry I will have to contact Mr Wolter again.
Wolter is senior management at Plog head office
I am very angry with your staff in Abidjan, they have just done the same thing to me in Bobo Dioulasso since 10am, they have given me an appointment in several places and nobody has come to meet me.
What are you playing with me?
My doubts about your reliability are only growing.

Why is your office in Abidjan outside the airport?
Why can't your staff give me a phone number to facilitate communication between me and them?

Since 16 hours 45 minutes Mr Jack gave me a meeting in front of a super market and on my arrival I took a picture of the shop to show that I am at the meeting place and until now no more message from him.

Now what excuse are you going to give me again?
Wolter is shocked and horrified
Wolter at Plog wrote:Dear Mamadou,

I am shocked and horrified to hear of your continued distress.

I have literally just spoken to Jack on the telephone now. He tells me
that security constraints prevented the delivery of your parcel this
morning. The meeting arranged later was made difficult as the depot
experienced a power cut and I'm told you could not be contacted due to

Nevertheless, I have made clear to Jack that I am very unhappy and I am
relying on him to ensure you receive your parcel, whatever it takes. He
is under clear instructions to contact you tonight to make arrangements.

Once again please accept my apology.

The lad to Wolter
I acknowledge receipt of your message and I can understand that you are not on the spot to manage the case, but I can guarantee that Mr Jack did not do his job properly and that his excuses are bogus.

And when it comes to coming to meet me why not send a person who has a phone number to facilitate communication between me and that person?
And you have always insisted that your parcel collection offices are at the airport of the city where you are located?
Now how can it be that my parcel ends up in the airport?

If he really is there to set up the Plog office in Abidjan, let him start setting a good example for the staff. Let him take his responsibilities and organise a meeting with him in person in a big restaurant in the city where we can meet in person so that he can give me my parcel in person. I thought my parcel was in priority mode.
Jack, the manager at the Abidjan hub also apologises
Jack wrote:Please forgive me, I am so sorry. We had a catastrophic power outtage this evening. We lost all power, even the backup generators didn't kick in. Due to this I could not contact you. By the time that Bakary in the security team was able to leave to meet you at China Mall, I presume you had already left as he could not locate you. I am back in my hotel room, only now picking up messages. I hope we can re-arrange to meet on Monday?
He's not a happy chap
You will stop making fun of me I waited in front of the China mall for more than 1h30 minutes how come your security guard didn't see me? Your delivery story took me all day yesterday and on top of that I had my mechanic accompany me in case of a breakdown on the way he also lost a whole day with unnecessary fatigue.

Now why wait until Monday? Why don't you have one of your security men accompany you so that we can meet today in person or you can hand over my package?

I'm tired of this affair dragging on for more than a month, if you really are a trustworthy person, prove it to me.

I don't see any point in waiting until Monday, take your responsibilities and let's meet today in a restaurant in the centre of Abidjan where you can hand over the parcel safely.
Unfortunately the warehouse is closed over the weekend, so he'll have to wait until Monday for more fun and games.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Bertje » Sun Jun 26, 2022 9:39 am

Great job on keeping the lad (and his associates) engaged for the better part of a day. It was great watching all the action live!

Also, the youtube video is set to 'private' so noone can view it. You can set it to either Public (anyone can see) or Unlisted (anyone with link can see) so others can see it

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sun Jun 26, 2022 4:28 pm

Hopefully I've done it right this time

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Bertje » Sun Jun 26, 2022 6:54 pm

It's working now!

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