Europol Sex Crime

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by bware419ers » Mon Jun 27, 2022 12:04 am

Awesome work! Very well done!

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Mon Jun 27, 2022 3:02 pm

The power cut was more extensive than initially thought and it will take most of the week to restore power to the depot. Given Plog's security requirements the only building that could be found at short notice was in Assouinde, a town almost 2 hours drive outside central Abidjan. Would the lad be tempted?
Good evening Mr,
You meet bullshit you have well say in your message of yesterday that your warehouse was closed on Saturday and Sunday and moreover if you do not have the current how have you then to move the parcel until Assinie which is with kilometres of Abidjan listen to me well if you cannot deliver the parcel to me tomorrow in Abidjan I would be obliged to contact my shipper so that you return the parcel to him me I would not go ulle part.

I proposed that you and I meet in person yesterday to hand over my parcel you refused and now you're giving me this bullshit fuck you if you can't deliver the parcel tomorrow in Abidjan then I'm going to ask my sender that his parcel be returned to him you are a bunch of thieves.
and to Wolter at Plog head office
Good evening Mr,
Here is the new bullshit that your director in Abidjan is giving me so I warn you Mr if Plog is not able to deliver the package tomorrow in Abidjan then there will be no contract between you and me. I will inform my sender so that his parcel can be returned to him.

Why move my parcel to another city which is about 100 km from Abidjan?
I won't go into this combination what a shitty company you are in the end?
I am very disappointed your staff are a bunch of thieves.
Worth a try. Unfortunately Plog don't have anyone available to send into central Abidjan, where he wants the parcel delivered. A few more rants and we finally agree to meet outside the hospital in Gonzaga, a short 40 minute drive away. Now I'm not certain if the lad realises there are 3 or 4 hospitals in the area, but I'm sure that Plog will do its utmost to find the right one.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Tue Jun 28, 2022 9:58 pm

So off we go to the hospital to deliver the parcel. Obviously Jack, Plog's manager in Abidjan arrived early with his driver Denis.
Jack wrote:Hello Mamadou, We are parked outside the hospital.
good evening Mr me too I'm in front of the main entrance to the hospital I don't see a van parked I wore a yellow Moroccan boubou
I hope that's not the same 'lucky' yellow Moroccan boubou he wore yesterday while on candid camera.
the hospital face the police station please get out of the vehicle so that I can recognize you
Jack wrote:We are both standing outside the van. We cannot see you. We also cannot see a police station. Maybe we are at the wrong entrance, I will walk around the block to see if I can find you.
Where are you talking to me about? there are not two entrances for the hospital, I am in front of the main entrance, please take a photo of where you are so that I can come to you. the hospital is opposite the police station in the 24th arrondissement
Jack wrote:I have walked right around the block and cannot see you or a police station.
listen Mr Jack the hospital face the police station the 24th arrondissement, Denis cinnait obligatorily the place is just on the tarmac
Jack wrote:That doesn't seem to be where we are. I am at the entrance now. The sign on the hospital says clinical st michel de gonzague.
no take the highway as if you are going to the airport drive slowly you will see a pencate Ivorian company of tropical technology it is at this turn that the hospital and the police station are located
Jack wrote:We've driven west towards the airport direction. Think we are here, although I can't see a police station. Let me take a walk and see if I can find you.
Jack wrote:I can't find a police station. I am here at the hospital entrance. It is called Eloka Bingerville Hospital. Are you here?
Mr. Jack stop making fun of me if Denis doesn't know the hospital in the corridor why did you say yes? I'm tired of waiting for you I still have a long distance to go so I'm going to leave the place. I have already sent my information, my postal address and a copy of my identity document, if you are serious, you will come and deliver the package to my postal address.
Jack wrote:You don't seem to be here. We've seen a sign for another hospital a bit further on towards the airport. We will try it and hope to find you.
Jack wrote:We are now at clinique Nancoco hospital. Are you here? I wish you had given us better directions or a full address. We have been going around in circles for over an hour.
I left the place, there is no clearer indication than the police station in the 24th arrondissement, you are simply a big liar. if you are really around then wait for me in front of the airport crossroads I will meet you there
Jack wrote:We are on our way back to Assouinde now. I do not like being called a liar!!
I have switched parcel tracking off. If you go to our tracking website you will see where we were (at 3 different hospitals).
This could have been avoided if you provided better instructions.
go to hell you're more than a liar, it's over today I'm never going to go for an appointment with you again the last option you have left is to deliver my package to my postal address or return the package to you at my sender, good evening.
Mr in addition you claim to have a GPS in your car and you are not able to find a police station which is on the edge of tar so you must be dumber than a donkey
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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Tue Jun 28, 2022 10:38 pm

The lad complains to Wolter at Plog head office
Hello Mr Wolter, Another wasted day I gave an appointment to Mr Jack in front of a general hospital which faces a police station and Mr Jack made me wait almost 2 hours as he couldn't find the place! but what delivery company are you exactly i am really overwhelmed by your inability a delivery company that has no phone number and has phantom agents. Mr Wolter during the shipment of the package I have the package registered with my information such as a postal address and a copy of an identity document so please come and deliver my package to my postal address or you return the package to my sender end of story never again will I travel for anything. good evening.
His mood wasn't any better the following morning
Good morning Mr Wolter, I don't trust Plog anymore.
You have proved to me several times that you are not a reliable company. The proof is that you are an international transport company and you do not have a telephone number in your premises.
I has made the trip to another country I has never met a single person who works for you, nothing but emails.

The last thing I did yesterday was to meet Jack in front of a hospital facing a police station on the road between the location of your warehouse and the airport road and Jack who was accompanied by one of your men could not find the place. I still had to wait more than 2 hours and zero.

If you were me, what would you think of Plog?
You say you work with GPS and they are not able to find a police station that is on the edge of the tarmac!
Mr if you can't deliver my parcel to my postal address then return the parcel today to my sender.
Wolter is shocked
Wolter wrote:I have spoken to Jack at length. I have also reviewed the delivery case notes including email exchanges.
I am shocked by your language and attitude. You call my staff liars and a bunch of thieves, you call us a shitty company.
You leave me with no option. I have terminated your delivery contract. Your parcel will be returned to the sender and all costs will be refunded.
The sender has been made aware of my decision.
Dougal at the church has been told the parcel is being returned, so emails Catherine at Europol
Dougal wrote:I have received an email from Plog saying they have terminated the contract due to Mr Dembele's conduct and they are returning the parcel to us. What on earth is going on?
Catherine seems to have lost her calm
Stop taking the piss out of me, how long has Mr Dembele been going round and round after Plog to get the parcel? He even travelled to another country to get the parcel and zero. You find it logical that every time they give an appointment nobody comes to the place of appointment and then they always come out with lame excuses.
Mr Dembele did not say anything wrong, he just said that he will not come for any more appointments. Plog already has his postal address so they can deliver the parcel to the postal address in Abidjan if it is not convenient for them to return the parcel to you and if you are also not ready to pay your fines in other ways, then let's stop everything.

The last thing we need is for Mr Dembele to meet Plog in front of a hospital facing a police station and the so-called director of Plog and his chofeur have not been able to find the place which is in the same town as Abidjan airport, can you believe it?
Let's be serious since this story started Mr Dembele has never met a single person who works at Plog nothing but mails moreover when he asks for a phone number to be able to call them to facilitate the communication he avoids the debate! Which parcel transfer company does not have a phone number? Too many doubts and questions arise, so it's up to you to sort this out, you're the one who proposed Plog as a means of payment, so only you know how to sort out the problem, we only have to do our part.
Dougal wants an apology
Dougal wrote:I do not feel I deserve to be spoken to like that. Please apologise.
Catherine isn't backing down
What did I say that was mean to apologize? Nothing! So do as you like either you arrange for Plog to deliver the parcel to Mr Dembele's postal address in Abidjan or they return the parcel to you and you proceed to the payment in another way or we go to court.
I don't trust Plog anymore if you don't do anything concrete then I will put you in the same plate. Have a nice evening.
But Dougal wants his apology
Dougal wrote: "Stop taking the piss out of me"
I will not respond again without an apology.

Your argument seems to be with Plog, not me.
I suggest you contact them and try and sort something out.
Maybe we'll get another rant sent to Wolter tomorrow.
The funny thing is she still believes this is real and even if the parcel is returned she expects the church to "proceed to the payment in another way or we go to court". :lol:

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jun 29, 2022 1:14 pm

Surprise, surprise
Hello Mr Wolter

How are you today I hope.
I had a long conversation with my sender and decided to apologise and ask you to cancel my contract with you.
Please accept my sincere apologies and instruct your office in Abidjan to deliver my package to my postal address.
I look forward to hearing from you in the hope of a favourable outcome.
Thoughts on what I can do with him next?

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jun 29, 2022 4:10 pm

Wolter isn't going to make it easy for him
Wolter wrote:Dear Mamadou,
Before I will authorise delivery of your parcel, I would like you to apologise to Jack as you were very rude to him.
However as your parcel is now marked to be returned to the sender, this is now a two-stage process and the sender will also have to agree to the change.
Your parcel is scheduled to depart at 23.10 tonight. Therefore both Jack and the sender need to agree before this time. I suggest you hurry.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Bertje » Wed Jun 29, 2022 4:54 pm

What to do next:seems you had a good idea on your own! Exited to see how that goes!!

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jun 29, 2022 9:47 pm

I'm sure it won't end well.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jun 29, 2022 10:14 pm

The lad contacts Jack, the local Plog manager in Abidjan
Good evening Mr Jack,
I have emailed Mr Wolter to apologise on behalf of all of you and he has accepted my apology so I apologise again and inform you that Mr Wolter has agreed to cancel the termination of my contract and instruct you to deliver my parcel to my postal address so please contact him to finalise my words, please keep me informed soon.
But Jack is not impressed
Jack wrote:Your apology does not seem very sincere. My team here were quite upset by your words. You need to understand that your actions have consequences. I will forgive you when you explain to me what you are apologising for. My team deserves that at least.
Hello again Mr Jack,
First of all you should know that I am a man of my word so if I tell you I apologize my apologies are sincere.
I am a man who knows how to recognize his mistakes and I know that I said some things in anger that is why I apologize.
Hmm, I guess that's the best Jack is going to get
Jack wrote:Thank you, I accept your apology and have informed Wolter.
So one down, but the lad still needs to get the sender of the parcel, Dougal at the church, to confirm.
Catherine writes to Dougal
Good evening Mr Dougal,
Mr Dembele has found an agreement with Plog so they have agreed to deliver the parcel to his postal address. Plog is now asking for you to give your confirmation, so as soon as you receive my message please contact Plog to confirm the delivery of the parcel to Mr Dembele's postal address.

Nb/ you have to contact Plog now or tonight at 23h the parcel will be sent back to you so please contact Plog quickly to avoid this.
Dougal is still waiting for an apology
Dougal wrote:As I have already clearly stated, Catherine, I will not respond further to you without a proper apology.
Catherine seems to have had a bout of amnesia
I don't remember disrespecting you, so I repeat, Plog needs your confirmation to cancel the cancellation of the contract and deliver the package to Mr Dembele's postal address, so if you really want us to solve this problem for good, you will contact them.
I don't owe you any apology and I don't remember disrespecting you so the ball is in your court.
The ball is in Dougal's court, so he pulls up a chair and switches on the TV to watch the tennis at Wimbledon

Time passes and Wolter at Plog's head office is getting worried so contacts the lad
Wolter wrote:We have not received confirmation of the change from the sender.
Once the parcel passes through customs an hour before the flight, we will be unable to remove it.
How stubborn will Catherine be? Time is running out. Will there be a late reprieve?

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jun 29, 2022 11:11 pm

Catherine contacts Dougal
Good evening mr Dougal,I have just been informed by Dembele that you have not made contact with Plog although I mentioned that it was urgent and important, Mr. there is not enough time left, please make contact with Plog quickly or do you want to cancel our agreements?
Dougal is having none of it
Dougal wrote:When you apologise to me I will contact Plog.
I thought I had made myself clear
In desperation the lad tries Wolter
Good evening Mr Wolter
It seems to me that my sender is very busy even I did not get any answer to my message so if you postpone the transfer of the package to tomorrow really I will be grateful to you the time to understand the reason of the silence of my sender.
Thanks in advance.
Too late, the flight along with their £10,000 has departed. If only they had apologised to Dougal.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Mon Jul 04, 2022 10:06 pm

Dougal informs Catherine that the parcel has been returned to the church
Dougal wrote:I wanted you to know that the money has now been delivered back to us. I have had a meeting with the Bishop and he now wishes to go to court. I would be grateful if you could forward onto me all the relevant paperwork required to make this happen.

Please pass my thanks onto Mr Dembele for all his hard work. I strongly feel that Plog should recompense him for his time and effort, wasn't there even a promise of compensation? I believe this should still be payable. If this is something you wish to pursue with Plog and need me to help back up your claim I would be happy to do so.
I'm trying to set something else up here, but they're not biting quite yet.

Catherine writes to the Archdeacon, accusing Dougal of being an accomplice of Plog and everything is his fault.
I want to inform you this morning that the next broadcast of FRANCE 24 on our charges will be in the direction of your files which is why you are receiving this letter. And I want you to know that if we have arrived at this point it is the fault of Mr Dougal who knows how to be an accomplice of Plog in order to turn us around for more than a month.

1-Our agents have to travel from country to country to be able to recover your parcel and never a person it is presented in front of him always of the phony excuse.

2-Returning to Ivory Coast Plog promised again to deliver the package and they repeated the series of meetings where no one came to meet our agent at each meeting Plog always came out with bogus excuses.

Plog informed me that the parcel has been returned to you so I can guarantee you that everything you will suffer from now on is Mr Dougals fault.
These are serious allegations, which may result in compensation being paid, but first the church needs far more detail
Archdeacon wrote:Your claims are serious and will need to be fully investigated. If it is deemed that you have been wronged by the church, then we have funds set aside for this type of circumstance that you can claim against.

To move this forward, please could you provide a detailed list of all events in date order from the beginning. Please give as much detail as possible. I will then investigate.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Tue Jul 05, 2022 1:26 pm

With the whiff of money in the air, Catherine responds with War & Peace.
As of Tuesday, May 05, Mr Dougal, knows how to present to me as the clerk of the Church of the Sacred Dove, and that you and Bishop Lenny were involved in a car accident the day before so he is the one who will take over the negotiations and ask me to detail the file, what I have by reminding him that during our last conversation you and me that it was just agreed to call the bishop to confirm a payment by western union on the Ivory Coast.

But after a few exchanges Mr Dougal, let me know that he had exposed the whole problem to the cardinal and that the cardinal had decided to pay the settlement without keeping any trace so to be sure that he first proposed 6000 pounds which I immediately refused to simply pay the 4550.49 Pounds which is imposed by the legislative but Mr Dougal, to insist for days until proposing the 10,000 Pounds supposedly the offer came from the cardinal that if I did not accept you will go to trial so I asked all the questions necessary to find out if it was really possible to pay the money in cash by a parcel transport company and I ended up not accepting.
On May 17 the package was first shipped to Germany and at the time of delivery Plog to complicate things.

After negotiation, we decided to change the name of the beneficiary and the country, this is how it was decided to transfer the package from Côte D'Ivoire to Abidjan, on May 24, the package was sent to Abidjan suddenly on May 25, Plog contacted Mr Dembele informing him that the package had to stop in Accra which is a city in Ghana supposedly, during a routine audit of their delivery hub in Abidjan, they found several serious problems with the operation of said hub . Local law enforcement was notified, leading to several arrests. So they received the order from the authorities to cease all operations on the Abidjan hub until further notice.

May 26 Plog reconnects with Mr Dembele here is Plog's writing (Our investigation revealed widespread fraud throughout the Abidjan hub, leading to numerous arrests. Your package is securely stored in our Accra hub. We are unable to deliver your package as our license agreement does not allow us to deliver across country borders.)

May 31 Plog Informs Mr Dembele that if possible for him to make a trip to Ghana to pick up the parcel from Accra or Takoradi, another city in Ghana, which we refused by offering to simply change the name of the sender so that one of our agent who was in Accra at the moment could pick up the package and Plog refused, leaving us with pretexts which made no sense after we ourselves had proposed to Plog to send the package to Burkina Faso or in Mali still Plog to refuse for reason they do not have offices in his two countries and after that Mr Dougal, came to inform me that if Mr Dembele could not pick up the parcel in Accra then the cardinal would ask to return the package to your home and that you will go to trial which I had accepted and your file was sent to the judicial office.

June 3rd the judicial office had contacted Mr Dougal, who then put the judicial office with the cardinal who had then confirmed the decision to go to trial and suddenly on the date of June 06 Plog recontacted Mr Dembele informing him that the flight which was to bring the package back to you had broken down in Bobo Dioulasso a Burkinabe town where they had claimed not being able to send the package so if possible we can collect the package there and on May 17 Mr Dembele went to Bobo Dioulasso for three days there each time no one came to the appointment of poor Mr. Dembele and after the parcel was brought back to Abidjan, supposedly the office was now available and its the same sound that was repeated until I was informed that the parcel was brought back to you.

Archdeacon I hope to have given you more information on this case and in return I need to quickly know what decision you are going to take? Because as I told the cardinal this morning our next broadcast of FRANCE 24 on our charges will be in the direction of your files, but for your respect I will delay things hoping that you will make the right decision to complete the settlement out of court which was agreed between you and us from the outset of this case.

Even with the threat of being exposed on French news, the Archdeacon confirms the church wish to go to trial and face the consequences. He also lays the ground for the next play in the game
Archdeacon wrote:I am very angry with the courier, as the non-delivery seems to have been caused by their actions alone. I will be contacting them personally to complain and request compensation for both the church and yourself in lieu of all the time Mr Dembele wasted.
I'm sure a company with 5 Star customer service will offer something as recompense.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Bertje » Tue Jul 05, 2022 2:56 pm

Of course! They didn't get those 5 stars for nothing!

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jul 06, 2022 10:04 pm

Catherine puts an attractive proposition to the Archdeacon
I acknowledge receipt of your message, and I understand perfectly your decision taken about this matter which has really lasted too long and created too many worries for you as well as for us.
And so Archdeacon to be sincere with you a lawsuit is not acceptable as a solution for us because we have invested a lot in this matter in time, efforts and financially it's true that Plog has not been able to make a good delivery but I can guarantee you that Mr Dougal is as much at fault as Plog and moreover there is no official contract that reads us with Plog it's you the shipper so if someone has the right to sue Plog it's you and not us

So for the respect that I give to you and also to the church I beg you to change your mind and convince the cardinal to avoid a lawsuit that will be very aggressive and violent because many people have worked and wasted time on your case so together let's avoid the worst we do not ask more simply pay the 4550.49 pounds imposed by the legislature and in return I give you my word to send you the certificate of cancellation of file, your receipt of payment and evidence against the church in 24 hours and put an end to this case totally.

But if you insist on going to trial then I will accept on one condition that you yourself compensate us for our effort and time and money lost in this case and ask for £2000 as compensation once I receive this amount I will agree to go to trial.

You now have the choice of which of these two options you find more convenient.
Let's make her work a bit more
Archdeacon wrote:Please could you give me a list with dates of when you feel Dougal was at fault. Please give as much detail as possible.
I can then discuss your suggestion of the church paying compensation instead of the fine with Bishop Lenny.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Tue Jul 19, 2022 4:32 pm

At this point I was just hoping to waste Catherine's time by getting her to write long explanations. It seemed to work .....
Mr Archdeacon, I can guarantee you that from the moment Mr Dougal contacted me, he had never taken this case seriously from the beginning, he had the intention to flout this case, his only interest was that I send him directly all the evidence against the church, that is to say, if he himself did not intend to blackmail you in return.
All the dates I gave you in my previous message of Monday Mr Dougal has always been complicit with Plog to turn us around without exception of date I can guarantee you, each time I inform him of the false meetings of Plog he did not say anything concrete and never took his responsibility towards Plog, now I will send you the last 2 to 3 exchange between Mr Dembele, Plog, me and Mr Dougal you will see that I tell you the truth.

On Tuesday 28 June after the last meeting of Mr Dembele in Abidjan where no one came to his appointment and that under the effect of anger he said displacements to the staff of Plog I myself in person asked Mr Dembele to apologize to Plog so that we can recover the package and what Mr Dembele did and here is the message of Plog in response (Dear Mamadou, Before authorizing the delivery of your package, I would like you to
apologise to Jack as you were very rude to him.
However, as your parcel is now marked for return to sender, this is now a two-step process and you will have to return it to the sender.
is now a two-step process and the sender will also have to accept the
Your parcel is due to leave at 11.10pm this evening. Therefore, both Jack
and the sender must agree before that time. I suggest you hurry up.
Logistics Manager for PLOG-Logistics Corporation)
As soon as Mr Dembele informed me I contacted Mr Dougal as it was 4pm in Abidjan so there was still 7 hours to go before the parcel was sent to you, and as soon as I contacted Dougal he replied to me at about 6pm still Abidjan time so there was still 5 hours to go here is his reply (As I have already made clear, Catherine, I will not reply to you any further without a proper apology. Dougal)
And I insisted on asking him what apology he was talking about because Mr Dembele had already presented his apology to Plog and they had accepted it so he simply had to confirm to Plog to cancel the return of the parcel to you and to go and deliver the parcel to Mr Dembele's postal address and again here is the message that followed from Mr Dougal ( Hi Catherine When you apologize, I will contact Plog mail.
I thought I made myself understood Dougal,)

Although I didn't know what I had to apologise for, I ended up sending him a respectful message to contact Plog but he didn't and the next day Plog informed us (Dear Mamadou,
We haven't heard from the sender, so your package was left on the
planned flight. It is currently in Casablanca awaiting transfer
to London).

I hope to have given you more details and I am waiting for your news, especially if it is quick, because I would like to get this story over with this very week.
Archdeacon wrote:Bishop Lenny has decreed that we will go to trial, plead for forgiveness and accept the punishment.
As far as compensation is concerned, Plog have accepted sole liability for the non-delivery.
We have today been offered a holiday break in Switzerland as compensation. I'm told Mr Dembele has been offered something similar.
I must say it does look very luxurious. I wish I could take my wife, but we have decided to use it as first prize in our summer fundraising raffle.
So, where one story closes, another opens

Mr Dembele is offered a fully paid, all exclusive holiday to Mole National Park in Ghana. All he has to do is get there.
Wolter at Plog wrote:To compensate you for the non-delivery, your time and any financial loss, I would like to offer you a luxury short-break holiday.

Shortly you will receive reservation details from our partners at 4E. This type of luxury break is usually only presented to our major corporate customers however given the circumstances I feel this is appropriate.

The reservation is for a luxury all-inclusive 10 day break for yourself and a guest. If the booking dates are not convenient or you have any questions, the staff at 4E will be happy to assist you.
Surprisingly he wasn't keen. Some people are just ungrateful.
No no no no no no no.
I don't want to travel I just want to be reimbursed for my financial expenses and efforts in this trip.

1- I don't have a passport.
2- I don't have a visa.
3- I didn't ask for a holiday because I work and it's not a holiday at home.

So if you are really sincere and you want to compensate me for the non delivery of my parcel just pay back my money and efforts in this case so I claim the sum of 2000 pounds then if you are sincere just pay me this sum by sending me a Western Union money order that's all.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Tue Jul 19, 2022 10:11 pm

I tried to persuade him to travel but no joy, so to prolong his pain he was offered compensation by Plog. But of course he's going to have to work for it.
Wolter wrote:To pay compensation I will need a list of each expense and effort you
are claiming broken down by day, I cannot just pay a lump sum.
Please provide as much detail as possible for each day. If you have
receipts please include them.
Your claim has to be verified by the finance team before payment can be
made, so it is better to include too much information rather than not
enough, as they will reject anything that is unsubstantiated.
It's been a month since I made the trip and I had informed Mr Danny Zukko Supervisor - Accra Delivery Hub that I was going to make the trip by coach and that it would have been difficult to present receipts as the borders were closed and the trip was done clandestinely and since May I have been in agreement to receive a parcel that I never received so what interest would I have in keeping the receipt for my trip? None! So to make a long story short Mr. I have no more explanation to give you than what you yourself already know or have you forgotten that since the beginning of this transaction during your so-called closure of your office in Abidjan it is you who contacted me to keep me informed of the decisions taken at the holy of your company?

So I'll make it easy for you to do your own assessment as you see fit and compensate me for the amount that will suit you, it's very simple, I don't impose any amount on you, no matter what the amount is, I'll accept the most important thing is that I'm compensated.
Nope, that won't do
Wolter wrote:Good grief! You are making this very tiresome. I'm beginning to
understand now why it was so difficult for us to deliver the parcel to

I have already stated I do not require proof or receipts. I need a list
from you of your costs and financial losses to account for the claim of

To give you an example

13 July - bus to Bobo Dioulasso - £40
14 July - loss of work earnings while attempting to meet Jack Custard -£20

The finance team will not pay anything that does not have enough detail,
so please provide as much information on each day as you can.

Do you understand?
It seems he did
As I told you I translate your messages and often the translation from English to French is not clean. So I will give you a detailed list of my travels as you asked;

On the 14th of June I left for Bobo Dioulasso where the journey took 4 days because the bus broke down so I had to stay in a town in Ivory Coast called Bouake for 72 hours, from transport to accommodation and food and other expenses that cost me 450 pounds I had to inform Mr Danny Zukko Supervisor - Accra Delivery Hub of the incident.

Arriving in Bobo Dioulasso on 18th June I stayed for 2 days so from the hotel to the travel to the food and Mr Danny Zukko who had suggested me to sleep at the hotel l'auberge which was very expensive the stay the expenses cost me 600 pounds.

A total of 1050 pounds.

On the 20th of June I returned to Abidjan where the single transport to the bus and the expenses of road had cost me 75000FCFA.

Now from my first day of appointment with the office of Plog of Abidjan to the date of June 24 where I made all the day the fuel had cost me 30000FCFA and my car to finish by breaking down this day I also informed Mr Jack Custard General Manager -Abidjan and the engine had taken a cost the repair cost me 580000FCFA case I had to change the engine of the car.

And Monday 27 June was the last day of my appointment with Mr Jack Custard where my car was still broken down and I had to make the displacements of this day in taxi meter and I spent 45000FCFA this day.

A total of 730000FCFA plus the 1050 pounds

I hope to have given you enough details to be able to be compensated for the amount I am claiming.
Good news, his claim has been approved, but he has to sign a handwritten statement, which given he writes in French and google translates it to English may be tricky for him
Wolter wrote:The finance team have agreed to pay you a total of £1995.

If you wish to accept this payment please handwrite (writing with a pen
or other writing implement, as opposed to writing from a computer) the
following complete wording, sign it and send it back to me.


Under section 261 of the EU Transport of Cargo Compensation Act 2004, I
<NAME> agree to receive £1995.00 in compensation from PLOG-Logistics
Corporation as a final and total settlement to my claim.

I agree that PLOG-Logistics Corporation have fairly investigated my
claim and I have not been pressured or coerced into accepting the
compensation settlement offer.

I agree that I have no further compensation claims pending with
PLOG-Logistics Corporation and have not engaged legal assistance to seek
further compensation from PLOG-Logistics Corporation, nor do I wish to
be referred to the Tribunal for Cargo Compensation in Strasbourg, under
section 419 of the EU Transport of Cargo Compensation Act 2004.

I understand that this does not preclude me from making a claim against
PLOG-Logistics Corporation in the future, on a different matter for any
new incident, dated after 18 July 2022.

Signed <NAME>
Dated <DATE>
He wasn't keen. I suggested he could write it letter by letter in English, but he wasn't going to do it.
Your story is getting more and more complicated I feel like its the same actions as with the parcel story, every time I think finalized things you take me out again pretended to delay things. You do not even need my agreement to offer me a luxury trip of more than 10 days but to reimburse me in money simply too many details, first you asked that I detail my expenses made with precision I have done and now you are asking me to send you a message write by hand with a pen knowing that I do not know how to write in English so to be brief with you this morning I will not waste my time in an uncertain matter yet if with the information that I have already provided you cannot compensate me then leave me in peace stop tiring myself unnecessarily.
Plog's 5 Star customer service to the rescue once again
Wolter wrote:I have just met with our chief legal advisor and explained the circumstances. He has agreed that your statement can be handwritten in French.
We await the handwritten statement and then the lad's indignation when he's told all compensation payments are made by cheque.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Capt. Caveman » Wed Jul 20, 2022 12:14 pm

I wanna have your baby!!!!! :lol:
From when I was The Scam Hunter

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Fri Jul 22, 2022 4:27 pm

While I was waiting for the handwritten statement, I received the same original email from Catherine again in my catcher account.
This lad really is the gift that keeps on giving. Catherine is in red.

At the request of Mrs. Catherine De Bolle, Commissioner General of
the Federal Police, elected as Director of Europol.

I am contacting you shortly after a computer seizure of
Cyber-infiltration (Authorised, in particular in the field of Child pornography, Paedophilia,
Cyber pornography, Exhibitionist, Sex Trafficking Since 2009) to inform you that you are subject to several legal
proceedings in force. For your information, the law of March 2007
aggravates the penalties when propositions, sexual assaults or
rapes have been committed using the internet and you have committed the
offences after being targeted on the internet (ad site), then
during email exchanges (instant messaging) with several minors, the nude
photos of you that you send to the minors have been recorded by
our cyber gendarme and constitute the evidence of your offences. You
are requested to make yourselves heard by mail by writing us your
justifications so that they are examined and checked in order to
evaluate the sanctions, that within a strict time limit...

If you fail to do so, we will be obliged to transmit your report
to Mrs Myriam Quéméner, deputy prosecutor at the Créteil court of
first instance and specialist in cybercrime, in order to draw up
an arrest warrant for you, which I will then transmit to the
Gendarmerie closest to your place of residence for your arrest and
to file you as a sex offender, and to transmit your file to
several national television news channels for broadcasting, where your
family, friends and the whole world will see what you are doing in
front of your computer.

Now you have been warned
Father Peter from a different church. Obviously Moneygram, Plog etc are out so I thought I'd just have a bit of fun.
I'm quite worried to have received this summons and hope you have
made a mistake. I think you are referring to our baptism ceremony,
which follows the old testament hebrew doctrine of naked, full body
immersion to wash away sins and general unholiness. Due to covid
restrictions we could not allow attendance of the baptism ceremony
by friends and family of the unwashed and so they were live
streamed on the interweb. Maybe you have confused this innocent act with
the the filthy un-Godly behaviour you mention?

This is not a joke, we do not make mistakes, there are really
unhealthy behaviours in the church, which is why you are receiving
messages from us. We have very reliable proof of everything we are
saying and this constitutes an offence on the computer network

If you don't choose the right article of justice then the church
will be listed as a sex offender circle and you should know that you risk
up to 10 years in prison. So please make sure you choose the right article of justice

1 - JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS: the courts may take the necessary steps to
prosecute you, and make the case public, thereby deterring others
playing this game on the net.

2 - AMICABLE SETTLEMENT: the judiciary could settle this problem
amicably, in which case you will have to pay a criminal fine of
4550,49 euros provided for by the national legislation to this

I will need more than just vague statements. The high priest will
not sign off the payment without more detail. Even if you cannot
provide names of the accused, you should be able to tell me exactly
what they are accused of doing. Does it involve children or animals?
This is my last message I am not going to repeat myself any more I
am not able to give you any more details about this case at the moment
all I can give you as information is that several people from your
church are involved in this unhealthy case, they are accused of
child pornography, pedophilia, They are accused of child pornography,
pedophilia, cyber pornography and exhibitionism and the majority of
the acts are posed on children which constitutes serious delusions.
I have one further question. In the church garden we have a small
farm with a donkey, sheep, goats and pigs. The sunday school
children are very fond of the donkey and have named him little
connard. I know you have stated the crimes include pornography and
pedophilia. Do they also include bestiality? Has little connard been
harmed or abused?
As this guy translates everything to French in google translate, the donkey's name Connard means asshole in French
Our evidence is only about child pornography, paedophilia, cyber
pornography, exhibitionism, child abuse and that is already very
very serious so just be brief with us what options do you choose?

Well that's a huge relief to Father Peter
Phew, that is a relief. I was worried little connard had been
abused. Now what about the sheep? We had a group of Welsh priests visit us
last month and one in particular looked a bit dodgy and he never
explained why he was carrying a pair of wellington boots when he
went to look at the sheep. Were the sheep abused?
Mr Peter, we don't have any evidence about animals so please just tell us which option you choose?

As a practicing priest my title is Holy Father. Please refer to me
as His Reverence Holy Father Peter not Mr Peter, as I don't want any mix up if legal papers are served.
Good evening His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

I acknowledge receipt of your message, very well there is no problem I
have taken note of your request now just make sure to tell us which
legal option you choose?
This is such a serious matter its been referred up to the chief leprechaun
These are serious allegations that we take seriously, very seriously indeed. I am only a parish priest so do not have the authority to make a serious decision on this serious matter. I have raised it with the high priest, who in turn has spoken to the chief leprechaun for spiritual guidance.
What is the absolute deadline for us making a decision on this serious matter?
Hello His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

Today Friday 22 July is the last deadline if you do not choose the option of justice that suits you today then I will be obliged to make my report and transfer your file to the judicial office this evening. If you really want to solve the problem the choice is very simple and you know it.
I'm thinking only the Grand Poobar is senior enough to make a decision on such a serious matter. Open to suggestions where else I can take this.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jul 23, 2022 2:38 pm

Father Peter to Catherine
The chief leprechaun has a question. His holiness would like to know
if you have evidence of just one person committing these dreadful
acts or is it multiple people?
Hello His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

We have evidence that several people are involved in this case.
I remind you that if you do not choose the right article of justice today, tonight I will make my report and transfer your file to the judicial office.
Catherine seems to be running out of patience
Hello His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

I just want to inform you that your file is being transferred to the judicial office as you have refused to collaborate with us.
Obviously the church has more questions
Hold on, the chief leprechaun has a follow up question. His holiness would like to know if these despicable crimes took place in the bell tower at the church? You see there is a group of bell ringers who call themselves the Bellend Knob Fiddlers that use the church facilities twice a week, that may be the culprits.
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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sat Jul 23, 2022 10:50 pm

Good evening His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

For more than a week I have been repeating myself, telling you the
same things over and over again, and you spend your time asking me
stupid questions to delay things, refusing to choose a justice option
between the two options that are going to be proposed.
I have nothing more to say to you, do as you wish, I have already made
my report and transferred your file to the judicial office, so when
your file is publicised and those involved in the church are arrested
by the gendarmerie, you will know the seriousness of this case.
These are not stupid questions to us. We take these allegations very seriously.
The chief leprechaun has agreed to amicable settlement, but requires the Grand Poobah to sign off the payment of the fine, however before that can happen we need to know if the culprits were the Bellend Knob Fiddlers.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:37 pm

We have a bank account and a threat if we don't settle of court
His Reverence the Holy Father Peter, once you have paid the fine and
I send you the evidence you will be very very surprised to see the people involved.

Fine = 4550,49 EUROS.
Generally speaking, article 202 punishes all sexual abuse other than
rape with a prison sentence:
- between one and ten years in case of death of the victim ;
- between six months and five years in case of physical or
psychological injury;
- up to three years in other cases.
Article 202 does not set any age conditions. It is therefore
applicable to minors over 14 years of age for whom there is no
specific provision.

P.S.: For your own good and that of your family and colleagues, please
settle out of court, and we will send you an official document stating
that all charges against you have been dropped.
Before the Grand Poobah signs off the payment, he wants to know if it was the Bellend Knob Fiddlers who committed this dreadful crime. Once he has this information he will sanction the payment of the fine.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by Kitty La Gore » Sun Jul 24, 2022 11:14 pm

Fantastic!! Always love to see them captured on video, even if it's just a glimpse. I'm sure the yellow attire was very stylish.

Another great success for plog! :lol: :lol:
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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Mon Jul 25, 2022 12:51 pm

Seems like she's not going to confirm if the bellringers were responsible until after we've paid
Greetings to His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

The people who committed these unwholesome acts are the members of the
church, once you have paid the fine I will send you the evidence and
you will know the exact people involved.
The Grand Poobah and Chief Leprechaun have both agreed to amicable
Now you have stated the fine = 4550,49 EUROS. I only have about 100
euros left from the church's pilgrimage last year to the hanging gardens
of babylon. As we are in England, can we pay in pounds and shillings?
Shillings haven't been legal tender for 50 years
Greetings to His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

I acknowledge receipt of your message, yes it is possible for you to pay the fine in pounds shillings.
Now I hope you make the payment today.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jul 27, 2022 11:37 am

We are not a rich church and
I am embarrassed to say we do not have £3858 in our account. I have
spoken to Dick Head, the Grand Poobah and the Chief Leprechaun and they
have agreed we can sell some of the church silver. Now this will take a
few days. Is this ok? Please don't send our file for a trial, I beg you
on behalf of our saviour the spicy holy lamb.
Greetings to His Reverence the Holy Father Peter,

I acknowledge receipt of your message, His Reverence, you know that since last week I had to transfer your file to the judicial office so that you could be prosecuted but if this has not been the case until today it is because I myself am a nun and I go to church and therefore I do not want to do you any harm. Every time the judicial office asks for reports of your file I find something to say to cover you but I have the impression that you on your side are doing nothing so that together we can settle this very serious and unpleasant situation.
So not only is Catherine the Director of EUROPOL Brigade for the Protection of Minors, she is also a nun. Obviously Father Peter would like to learn more
Sister, I am overjoyed to hear you have dedicated your life to religious service and chastity as a nun. Tell me, which order do you serve?
Maybe Catherine knows of a willing and righteous soul in Abidjan who would wish to become a pastor and set up their own parish, with the financial backing of the church.

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Re: Europol Sex Crime

Post by paulc » Wed Jul 27, 2022 5:26 pm

Catherine is concerned the church still hasn't paid the fine, so Father Peter allays her fears.
We have accepted an offer for a pair of silver anal probes that were used in the Spanish inquisition. We will receive payment tomorrow and then I can pay you.

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