Eater's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Letter Archives)

Featuring the best of what 419Eater members have to offer, past and present.
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Eater's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Letter Archives)

Post by Bertje » Thu Mar 12, 2020 2:02 am

Classic Letters Archive


These are some classic baits from the early years of 419eater (2006 and earlier) that have been saved for posterity and are listed along with the members who submitted them. Back in those days baits were mainly published on separate web pages.

Please note: these reflect the historical record of baiting at 419eater and some guidelines and site philosophies may differ today. Please see the current 419Eater guidelines here.

The Road to the Skeleton Coast YeaWhatever

The Road to Chad/Darfur YeaWhatever

Book 'Worm' Shiver Metimbers

Busted! Shiver Metimbers

The Tale of The Painted Breast Shiver Metimbers

The Incredible Shrinking Artwork Shiver Metimbers

A Mark of my Respect Shiver Metimbers

Wanted: Dead or Dead Shiver Metimbers

The Artful Dodger Shiver Metimbers

The Road to Nowehere Metimbers/Skinner/Fake

I Pray to Die Henceforth Shiver Metimbers

Carving For Cash Shiver Metimbers

Art For Art's Sake Shiver Metimbers

Get Mapping! Shiver Metimbers

Another f*#king scambait Shiver Metimbers

Father Jack's in da howse! Shiver Metimbers

Bonnie Scotland! Metimbers/Skinner

Tragedy strikes at Western Union Shiver Metimbers

The mark of a moron Shiver Metimbers

Comic Creations Metimbers/Skinner

I don't know about art but I know what I like Shiver Metimbers

I don't know about art but I know what I like: The sequel Shiver Metimbers

Tragedy strikes at Western Union Shiver Metimbers

The hitchhikers guide to handwriting Shiver Metimbers

Scamming on the telephone Shiver Metimbers

Is that Ibru on the line? Shiver Metimbers

If I had a photograph of you... Shiver Metimbers

Fifty bucks to trust you! Shiver Metimbers

Sweet baby Jesus & the orphans Shiver Metimbers

Cook with the crook! Shiver Metimbers

Own goal! Shiver Metimbers

The fish is amiss Shiver Metimbers

Do you smell fish Shiver Metimbers

Edith has a fetish Shiver Metimbers

Just get on with it! Shiver Metimbers

Widows in Nigeria Shiver Metimbers

The tale of the Holy Cow Shiver Metimbers

Double take Shiver Metimbers

I like to worry sheep Shiver Metimbers

The church of Bread and Wine Shiver Metimbers

The sign. The wine. The bread. Shiver Metimbers

More tales of the Holy Cow Shiver Metimbers

Give me my receipt! Shiver Metimbers

Return to the Night of The Iguanas Shiver Metimbers

Nkomo shows no shame Shiver Metimbers

A stunt too far Shiver Metimbers

Fredrick's Waterloo Shiver Metimbers

Live long and prosper Otumba Shiver Metimbers

Booked it. Packed it. F**ked off! Shiver Metimbers

Fred rides the captain's ship Shiver Metimbers

Tales from the clenched butt Shiver Metimbers

Akeem will advertise your site Shiver Metimbers

Many other baits were submitted by users during this period, and can be found here.

Crusade To Fetish Village Scam Patroller

The Mugu and the Zombie (PDF) Pantsface

Fuchs vs. Conk BluesGoon

Reverend Bondi Cigars is a Touch Too Much for Sister Mary Vince Rockaway

The Maria Story Chris Massey

Princess Grace Ben Kenobi

Caveat Deceptor!......He's Back!......And He's Not Happy! Vince Rockaway

The venture of lindie, Dr. Coulibaly and AmigaCam Autoparts Ownership MiRRoRMaN

Quis Decipio Ipsos Deceptors? Professor Rupert J. Felcher

Captain Kirk, Rare Salmon and Mangoo (PDF) Yooper

Fatty Konate and the Holy Church PecuniaNonOlet Hei_wie Frittenfett

A Plea For Help From Planet Mugu Mugu Hunter

My cousin Vinny and the Rev. Al Sharpton FigurinOutLife

Seirra Leon Frank Cone Scam Studebaker Hawk

Urgent Business Proposal (PDF) Scheis Endreck Unterderbrücke

May the Police Force Grant Me Pardon Elvis

Dr Waju Takme IV vs. Bashuri Ahmed Zaman Dr Waju Takme

Taylor Mabuto and the Holy Church PecuniaNonOlet Heisswie Frittenfett

Jacky's Sex Change Operation Hiendrich Von Trapp

Clement v. Dennis (PDF) Stealth

Eme Harris in The Psychiatrist's Chair Dr Alex Cox

Interview With a Scammer Amanda Hugankiss

An Embarrassing Personal Problem Pizza Pepperoni

The Nicole Saga Brad King

Samull meets Steffy Cox, a tale of lost love and a final exposure Nelsonsbattle

Trust Pablo Dr. Pablo J. Wind

Cola Needs Money For an Operation Elvis King

The Godfather: Scammer upsets the mafia Pizza Pepperoni

Lawyers, Sheep, and Money (MS Word .doc) Reprob8

Big Mark loves Lady Marilynne Big Mark

Operation Deep Throat Deep Throat

Manwairing Monkeys about with Mugus Captain Manwairing

The Saint Heals The Sick Woman Neil&Dan

Benin Bayo Boyyo Nelsonsbattle

The Trials of Raphael Sister Ima Daft

Loki wins the Lottery Loki

A Convent Schoolgirl Goes Missing In Africa Zen

The Yengeni Fortunes and travel to South Africa and Holland Nelsonsbattle

Chasing Mariam Abacha's Millions Nelsonsbattle

Baiter Makes a Mistake, But Wastes The Lad's Time Anyway Nelsonsbattle

Barrister Wastes His Time Then Loses Patience Nelsonsbattle

The Mugu Snackpants of Lagos BaconTastesGood

Password, Please! Janus Jawplin

The Tony Lee Award Aylick Balls

Father Emmanuel Osawaru takes a picture Neil&Dan

First Flush Armitage Shanks

Fun with Peter - Keeping the Nigeria Connection busy Konrad

The Saint Asks For a Picture Neil&Dan

Naku Penda, Tony! WJFinn

How to cure a smelly mouth for only $1 million Gunther Toody

The Long and Winding Saga of Richar Liquor & Mr. John Sama Roy Holly

Ana L. Felcher v. Mary Benson Borstal Boy

Three Dead Bolgers Rick Bolger

Tom's Adventures in Scambaiting Tom


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