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Get your cars for cheap and your piggies for free!

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2023 9:55 pm
by Artemis
Hey, everyone. I haven't been on eater in a long time, but still baiting as time permits. I specialize in baiting the eBay Motors scammers who post a bazillion fake car ads on FB Marketplace. These lads are not fun to bait, in the traditional sense, as they twig if you ask a single question. I straight bait them specifically to investigate their operation and get bank accounts (piggies!) to report. Burning their money laundering accounts is really the only way to hurt them - hence the term BBQ!

The cars ads are usually for insanely cheap amounts - $800-1400. Those scammers are just after eBay gift cards and are not really baitable. However, I have found another group that posts ads for much more expensive vehicles - typically RVs and classic cars. They often use paid ads (using hacked FB accounts) for these higher ticket vehicles, not just the free posts. Again, the vehicles are priced WAY below actual market value, but they still want you to send $25k or more via wire transfer.

After contacting the "seller" and getting that sob story and coughing up your baiting character's name/address/phone, they turn you over to the scammer posing as eBay Motors. They email you an invoice (decently convincing) with the piggy wrapped neatly inside. You don't even have to work for it! Just give 'em a bogus name/address/phone, and poof! Instant piggie!

I've done deeper investigating into the group I am currently baiting. It's a fairly sophisticated group operating out of Eastern Europe, I believe. They seem to be using a VPN, so my attempts to track their IP are still inconclusive, but I have definitely tracked them to Europe. I spoke to one of the scammers, and he has a Czech accent. These car scammers often are out of Eastern Europe, so that's consistent.

They often setup businesses in the US in states where you don't have to have a physical address in that state to form an LLC to launder the money. This last one they gave me was a new LLC the formed in Mississippi with a contact/address in Miami, FL and a Chase business bank account (reported and confirmed shut down as of today). All appropriate local, state and federal authorities have been notified also, for all the good that will do.

Bottom line - if you like collecting and burning piggies, these are good lads to bait. Just look for an ad for a classic car or an RV / converted van on Marketplace where the price is relatively low, and they direct you to contact an email address instead of communicating through FB Messenger. Enjoy the BBQ!