Lad Asking for...Kidney?!

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Lad Asking for...Kidney?!

Post by Myon359 » Mon Dec 11, 2023 7:29 pm

This curious letter came into my mailbox one time:
I hope this letter finds you well, and I am writing to you to seek your help and support in a matter that is of importance to me, and my education as a refugee.

I find myself in a challenging situation due to my parent political stand, and believe that your expertise and assistance could make a significant difference.

Respond for more details on the situation.

Thinking it might be a lead in to an orphan or romance scam, I replied as my Japanese lady Kurena:
Dear Sir

I was happily surprise to get your kindest email. Your offer sound interesting to me. Please, do forward more detail. And thank.

That was 2nd December. The lad didn't reply for ages until today, the 11th, and the letter seems odd:
Your assistance is effectively required to manage the remaining assets my mother has left for my upkeep.

A quantity of 500 kilograms of precious bar was deposited in a security company by my deceased mother, who named me her heir.

My erratic kidney function prevents me from engaging in any current endeavours, so I'm counting on your help to represent my interests.

I hereby request your assistance in representing me in the acquisition and disposition of the valuable items, intending to allocate the proceeds towards a profitable enterprise.

I sincerely hope that you will assist me in my quest for kidney donors from the Indian nations, as I am constantly seeking them to regain my strength.

Furthermore, I greatly appreciate your help, and I am eagerly anticipating your update so that I may provide you with the document that I have in my possession for your peruse.

Once again, I want to thank you.
Mary Manto
There's bait in there with the 500kg of gold bars (presumably gold, the lad doesn't tell us) but the request for kidneys is rather odd. So I'm going to take another approach to this one. What if I really could provide kidneys?
Dear Manto:

Thank for your mail. I am the secretary to the factory Jinbei3 operating out of China. You may trust us very well with everything. I has connexions to kidney donors and if you send us details we can connect you with them. Are details need: name, and address, plus details about yourself. Please to reply, have a great day.

We will see how this goes. Maybe it's just a lad with a poorly worded format, but we'll see.
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