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Ilico Solutions

Post by Buster » Wed Jul 29, 2020 12:55 am

These guys just contacted me with the following:

From: Jad Nammour [email snipped - KLG]
Subject: Fresh vacancy!

Dear XXXXXXXX, We have received your info from ZipRecruiter resume database. We made a conclusion that your skills are satisfactory for our new position in our company. We offer a salary of $ 920 weekly - full time. If you are interested in cooperation with us please write to our as soon as possible and we will send you all the necessary documents. We are looking forward to receiving your answer and we are sure that you are going to enjoy your involvement with our company. Thank you Best regards HR manager, Jad Nammour Ilico Business Solutions Inc

Yes, that is exactly how the message was formatted.

Address is in Saint-Laurent, Quebec but phone number is in Hamilton, Ontario. SSL certificate is 3 month free from Let's Encrypt issued yesterday. Whole thing looks fishy... Anyone want to check them out and see what they are up to? BTW, I'm not on ZipRecruiter...

I'm curious what the scam is but not willing to contact them directly.

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Kitty La Gore
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Re: Ilico Solutions

Post by Kitty La Gore » Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:02 pm

Hi Buster,

Welcome to Eater! I've snipped the email address just in case the email goes back to an innocent third party and is being spoofed for a job scam. Sometimes an email address is legit, but when you hit "reply" it goes to a different email. Was there any other contact information in the body of the email that was different than the domain sending the email? The company has a web site, and also notes an office in Georgia. Yeah... it looks shady, registered 2 days ago, but that's for a website investigator to determine.

You're wise not to contact them with your personal email address! You can hit the "reply" button to see if the reply-to email is a spoof, and if so, copy the entire body of the email to a baiting email address and have a go from there, but do check to be sure if it's not just a really crappy HR department with a legitimate offer. I have actually seen that type of approach as a bait & switch kind of offer, but basically not baitable.

If it's a job scam, they will either offer to pay you money up front via check and then ask you to buy gift cards, or they will ask you to print out your own check and deposit it, then send money to their "training department" for your training or some other ruse to get you to forward money along. Or, they'll ask you to send money for more information about the job, or as an "application fee".

If you'd like to bait them, use a baiting address and send a note to the reply-to email saying "I'm interested." Then post up the results at our sister site where they deal with that type of scam!
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