What are you doing, Step Latter?

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What are you doing, Step Latter?

Post by klop422 » Tue Feb 02, 2021 11:42 pm

So I got an email from 'Stephen Latter', but, uh, they put their name as Step Latter. Which, uh... read the title of this post.
Mr. Latter's address is [Removed - B8er] if anyone's interested. Also, he sent the email to [Removed - B8er]?

Anyway, here's the email:
Hello Dear.,

My Name is Stephen Latter and I m in very need of help from yo, a beloved man of god. A client of mine,Arthur Edwards.died leaving a large whopping sum., USD$5.8 million dollars, which is a lot of money.

That is why I contact you, beloved friend, as you share his surname, and therefore we can make you into. Next of kin to the diseased.

Please let it be know I am not here for any joke, and this is %100 free risk, this dose not attracts any attention

Kindly I await your urgent responds,

Warmest regard
So, after 'Step Latter':

Apparently $5.8mil is a lot of money. Who knew?
I'm apparently his beloved friend?
Arthur Edwards shares my surname. My scambait name is Cameron Bates, but ok, I guess it's Cameron Edwards for now.
Arthur Edwards is also both dead and diseased. Ew.
And, of course, this is percent-one-hundred free risk. It dose not attracts any attention.

I'm hoping he stays for a few emails.

EDIT: Apparently it was a scambaiter-tester? Gave me a 9/10 score? Ah well, I guess the name was too good to be true. Whoever it was, if you see this, good job!

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