Miss Reem and Sister Anna (ongoing scambait)

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Miss Reem and Sister Anna (ongoing scambait)

Post by Colossal Squid » Mon Jun 14, 2021 9:59 am

- Moved here from "Published", as it is an ongoing bait - Bertje -

Ms Reem is the scammer, Sister Anna my "victim" character.

Note: this first and the next two emails were sent to one of my other email addresses, after which I switched to replying from my Anna email address. The mugu didn't even realise that something was wrong.



My name is Ms. Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi, I am the "Minister of state
and Petroleum" also "Minister of State for International Cooperation"
in UAE. I write to you on behalf of my other "three (3) colleagues"
who has approved me to solicit for your "partnership in claiming of
{us$47=Million}" from a Financial Home in Cambodia on their behalf and
for our "Mutual Benefits".

The Fund {us$47=Million} is our share from the (over-invoiced) Oil/Gas
deal with Cambodian/Vietnam Government within 2013/2014, however, we
don't want our government to know about the fund. If this proposal
interests you, let me know, by sending me an email and I will send to
you detailed information on how this business would be successfully
transacted. Be informed that nobody knows about the secret of this
fund except us, and we know how to carry out the entire transaction.
So I am compelled to ask, that you will stand on our behalf and
receive this fund into any account that is solely controlled by you.

We will compensate you with 15% of the total amount involved as
gratification for being our partner in this transaction. Reply to:

Ms. Reem.


Ms Al Hashimi
I am a Sister in the Order of Refulgent Divinity of the Universal Reverent Eschatology (ORDURE), which as I am certain you must be aware is a Catholic convent for nuns. We are among the world's largest orders of nuns, almost as famous as the Missionaries of Charity. I do not know what the matter you allude to could possibly have to do with a nun, unless it pertains to asking for contributions from us to some cause.

Sister Anna of God.


Dear Sister Anna,
Thank you so much for taking time to email back to me after receiving my first email soliciting for your partnership, concerning working together for you to help me receive the sum of $47million into your private or company bank account in your Country.
Yes I know read about the (Order of Refulgent Divinity of the
Universal Reverent Eschatology (ORDURE) and the good work of God they are doing world-wide. (Oh I'm sure you do!)
Although I am a Muslim but I still believe in the charity of Order of Refulgent Divinity of the Universal Reverent Eschatology (ORDURE) to mankind.
If you agree to work with me, I promise to donate large sums of my own percentage to charity through you while some parts goes to investment in your Country after successful completion. If you are interested please do write back so that I can give you full details of the transaction.
Happy Sunday to you,
Ms. Reem.


Dear sister Reem
I hope you are not offended by my calling you sister, but in our Order we are enjoined to consider all women as our sisters, no matter what their religion, age, race, marital status, political orientation, or sexual history. I must repeat that I am a nun of an order of cloistered nuns (ORDURE) and I must abide completely by the rules of the Order. Those rules, which were made by our blessed Founder Sister Mary of God (referred to as SMOG in our prayers) in the year 1811, lay down strict instructions on how we must act in every matter, including financial ones.
Sister Reem, if you are at all familiar with the Catholic faith, you will know that we nuns are not permitted personal bank accounts or in fact any personal property. The only bank accounts are handled by the Order as a whole, not by individual nuns.
Also, I am not the financial officer of our Order. That's Sister Juana. She handles our bank accounts. I am only in charge of public relations. If you agree, I will ask her about your matter and get back to you with what she says. I must warn you that Sister Juana is rather elderly and set in her ways and that she has very particular ideas about the propriety of financial dealings. I cannot answer for what she says.
However, I can tell you this much: while Sister Juana, like the rest of ORDURE, has absolutely no prejudice against any other religion, she will quite certainly refuse to do any dealings with anyone whom she does not know anything about. She will absolutely require to see your photo and know about your personal circumstances, including your family, before she will even think about making a decision.

Stay blessed
Sister Anna of God.


Dear Sister Anna of God.,

Thank you very much. I appreciate your detailed email response regarding all that I needed to know and understand.
Please be permitted to introduce (Sister Juana) to this transaction and let her contact me here and let me by my self take it up from here. I will answer any of her questions.
I would like to say here that, even if she refused to do this
transaction with me, on a personal note, please keep in touch with me as I have chosen you as a Sister and Friend.
Feel free to always get across or in contact with me. I look forward to reading from (Sister Juana).
Regards my own Sister
Ms. Reem.

(Oh didn't this just touch your heart?)


Dear Sister Reem:
I have spoken to Sister Juana and she said that before she'll consider your proposal she wants to know more about you. She wants your photographs (at least a few), details of your education, family, what your likes and hobbies are, etc. Only then can she judge whether she would want to involve the Order in this. I'm sorry but as I said she's elderly and very set in her ways.
Stay blessed
Sister Anna of God.


Dear Sister Anna of God,

My beloved Sister Anna I am so glad to receive again your email and
its content was well understood. Today how is Sister Juana doing???.
I feel like asking after her and send my warm regards to her as well.
In peace have I come.

Please, you can just copy this website and view/read about all you
wanted to know about me. Also you can go back to my first email
proposal that you received to understand more fully. This is the
website. https://www.m*faic.***.**

Please once again, protect my personality even if you are not engaging
in my proposal thereafter and destroy every email communication that
we have engaged regarding this $47million that I am seeking your
help/assistance to receive on my behalf.

Ms. Reem.

(I was busy during the weekend so it took a couple of days before I replied:)


Dear Sister Reem

I am sorry to be delayed in my response but we were on a three day retreat and prohibited from communication with anyone. We couldn't even talk to each other except for prayer!

I have shown Sister Juana of God the link you sent but she says "anyone can link to a website", she wants personal information and photos from you. Sorry about that.

Sister Anna of God.


Dear Sister Anna of God,


Her Excellency Reem Ebrahim Al Hashimy

In February 2016, I Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy was sworn in as
Minister of State for International Cooperation, in the UAE’s Ministry
of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Additionally, I hold
responsibilities within the Cabinet, for the UAE’s bilateral relations
with Sub Saharan African Countries.

Since my first Ministerial appointment in February 2008, I, Her
Excellency has and continues to manage, the Vice President’s Office
for Political Affairs, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al

In November 2013, I, as Managing Director of Dubai’s World Expo 2020
bid, I, Her Exellency Reem oversaw a historic success at the Bureau
International des Expositions. Dubai Expo 2020 will be the first held
in the MEASA (Middle East, Africa and South Asia region). I, Her
Excellency holds the position of Managing Director of the Dubai Expo
2020 Higher Committee as well as Director General of the Dubai Expo
2020 Bureau, in preparation for the upcoming national milestone.

Since its launch in 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al
Maktoum, I, Her Excellency Reem has served as Chairperson of "Dubai
Cares, a Philanthropic Organisation" with the aim of improving access
to quality education in developing countries.

I, Her Excellency Reem was formerly Chairperson of the "Federal
Competitiveness and Statistics Authority", which drives the UAE’s
global competitiveness across many sectors.

Finally, I, Her Excellency Reem completed her undergraduate degree at
"Tufts University", earning a BA in International Relations and
French, followed by an MA from "Harvard University". Prior to my
current position as Minister of State, I Her Excellency Reem, served
as "Commercial Attaché", and subsequently Deputy Chief, of the UAE
Embassy to the United States of America, in Washington DC.

Find attached few of my photos for your perusal/view

Regards to Sister Juana of God.

Ms. Reem.

Note: Dear sister Anna of God,

Please I plead with my knees on the ground, in case you and Sister
Juan decided not to assist in receiving this $47million from the
financial home in Cambodia, destroy every of our communication and do
not disseminate it online as this is purely private and not for public

Note: The mugu sent me photos of a young Arab woman, obviously taken straight from the net. Since it's undoubtedly of someone totally innocent I'm choosing not to post them.


My dear Sister Reem,

You have such an honest face that I'm sure that Sister Juana will have no reason to doubt your intentions. I however noticed that you said "Cambodia" though you are in the UAE. How is the fund in Cambodia? What happens if those terrible Khmer Rogues steal the money? It is a big worry, is it not? When I was a novice nun I watched a movie about them. I'm terrified that something will happen to you.

Sister Juana is going to meet our Bishop today and will be back in two days so I will tell her when she returns. In the meantime do tell me about yourself. What food do you like? How do you spend your spare time? Do you like music? I must admit that though in our Order we're only permitted hymns I secretly listen to Madonna and Pink. Sister Juana would be so scandalised if she knew! But she really can't understand what goes on in the minds of us young nuns.

Looking forward eagerly to your response

Sister Anna of God.

(Why, yes, I do know that it's Khmer Rouge, not Rogue, and that the group no longer exists. But does the mugu know? )
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