Lad Responses When Their Bacon Is Burned

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Lad Responses When Their Bacon Is Burned

Post by bware419ers » Wed Aug 04, 2021 7:37 pm

I am sorry for what the bank said to you and this is to inform you that it is not a scam and kindly hold on as we provite you with another Bank account details immidiately.
Hello dear, sorry for the late response, we were trying to sort out the account problem from the bank. We have another information you should use and send the money without any problem, meanwhile I Called the phone number (Belonging to Lenny) you sent but no pick up, use the below information to send the money remember to send the payment slip as soon as you send the fee, thanks
Good day Sir,
I have much trouble reading your last emails, why so much hate on Africa banks that made you said you will not send money to African bank again, have you been sending money to Africa before now?

However, let me a little time to reach out to my personal assistant in the USA, I will forward her details to enable you send the shipment fees in her care.

Presently, I am having my few days off USA as our office will officially open by Monday on administrative matters. Also all our staffs are likewise enjoying their days off.

But in some hours, I will get back to you with a detail to send the money in USA.
Alright I will look for another Account and send to you within 34 hours

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