Loan Lad Loses Love for Leonard

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Loan Lad Loses Love for Leonard

Post by bware419ers » Tue Feb 01, 2022 6:11 pm

I had a loan lad who didn't like it when Leonard confused the lad's attorney with my own Mr. Goodluck. He really didn't like it when the clearance fee was sent to Goodluck.
why are you this Foolish Leonard? are you the person to tell me who is
working with me or not? i think you are mental and how am i sure that
you will return this amount you are demanding from our office, because
you sound like a Man Man you dont follow instruction, what kind of
Foolish Man are you, i told you what to do and you Old Fool is talking
another thing are you not stupid? we have to cancel this transaction
you are a Mad Man

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