Just wondering who might know these two guys

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Just wondering who might know these two guys

Post by SassyLilith74 » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:41 pm

Ok I seem to be getting the love scams from Skype .
I have two fellas who feel that they love me

Guy 1 - Goes by the band of John Maxwell . This guy is funny as hell in the sense that after three days of not a lot of messages I am now his soulmate and wants to be is sons mother 😳😂He tried asking me to buy him a stream card for data as he was sharing his friends data and hounded me for days over it and I told him off . Then it was he had 4.3 million in a bank account and wanted to give me the money to hold on too . And now it’s bitcoin . Told him off and it’s been silent for 2 days lol

Second Guy - Alex Christopher or Christopher Alex .
This guy wants to buy a house in Australian and wants to transfer money into my account and will even give me his lawyers number . Told him no a few times and now his pointing lol

So yeah just windering if they are both frequent Flyers 👍👍

Thanks I’m advance

Sassy 😀😀

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Re: Just wondering who might know these two guys

Post by Kitty La Gore » Sat Jun 25, 2022 2:38 am

Sadly, there are so many of these scammers out there, we rarely see any two baiters nabbing the same love interests. But the good news is they are all fairly predictable! If you're using a fake profile to bait them with, have at it! But if they are contacting your real ID, please cut them loose. You can still post their information on Scamwarners.com to help future potential victims locate the scammers with a quick google search.
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