Why you should never burn a lad ...

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Why you should never burn a lad ...

Post by bobdemol » Mon Jun 27, 2022 11:10 am

... Because some of them come back for more fun after some time.

First contact ended in Februari 2021 (after weeks of mishaps, the lad finally gave up).

Surprise! June 6th, 2022 (Lad in blue - Baiter in black)
How are you doing today?

I'm fine thank you! How are you?
I am okay and you?
Yes I am ok too.
What do you want?
Regarding your fund.I can now make the payment for the fund.

I can send $5000 today and $5000 next week Monday, and $5000 Tuesday, and $5000 Wednesday/Thursday and $5000 Friday.

Would you let me know how I do this?
You can send the $5000 through Western Union if you like.
I will give you the details if that is ok with you.
What about the fee?
What fee?
Fee for the transfer
How much is it?
$200 USD.
200USD is ok, how do I transfer the money to you?
I received your email and I appreciate by asking where you can transfer the $200 USD.

Use my supervisor agent name in the person of Mr xxxx

........... (details redacted).

My good friend, I'm looking forward to receive Ria money transfer or World-Remit service payment details.
We don't have ria world service here.
So is it possible to pay by western union?
Ok.Since you don't have Ria money transfer and no World-Remit service there,but you said only western union, it's okay.

Send it through western union or MoneyGram and forward me the receipt.
Sorry for the late reply.
Attached is the payslip for 200USD
Attached a large junk file.
The attachment you sent is not open,so kindly re-attach it again and
write the MTCN number and senders name both attachment and send okay.
He sent multiple similar mails for several days in a row 'cause my character went silent and then...
Fool. why are you keeping silent over and over. Idiotic. Criminal like you, fool.
Hey man
What is your problem? I have been in the hospital for a week because of a car accident.
I suggest you apologize for calling me a fool and a criminal!!!
Sorry for been in the hospital, as I don't know that you are in the hospital, but you have to inform me. Because I'm worried about your silent after sent me empty attachment.
How can I inform you when they take me to the hospital wih an ambulance?
And why are you calling me a idiotic fool?
I'm not happy with you.
And finally his apology :shock:
Sorry ok.
I'm not going to make a big deal out of it 'cause he's been there in the past.
It's ok but please be more polite in the future.

I have uploaded the payment slip to my Google drive for easier access.

Here is the link: (Just sent him a non-existant link)
Thank you for your update and I cannot do anything with your Google Link,if you truly want to send the money, send it and write all the necessary information down and send it here.

Write it down like this: Mtcn number.....................
Senders name.................
Amount sent.................
Country where the money was sent.........

Waiting your reply with the needed information as soon as possible.
What do you mean that you can't use the Google link?
It works for me and it will only be available for 2 days because of security reasons.
It is not safe to write payment details in plain text in an email, I am sure that you - as a professional barrister - agree.
Honest if you want to send the money, then follow my order by sending the money and write the payment down and send as instructed you, do not attach anything as I cannot download anything again that's just the fact.

I know you did not sent any money, so please stop this joke, am very serious and don't play with my intelligent.
Voila, the play with his intelligent will now begin :lol:

You have made me get to take my drugs. -Claude Dominique after ticking over 1000 boxes-


why must you act like childish game. -Eng Uzeze-

why are u so stupid and fullish like that go to hall. u idiot - Topman Stephen

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