More orphans........

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More orphans........

Post by sparky905 » Tue Sep 27, 2022 9:10 pm

One of my characters managed to turn a lad into confessing he is a scammer, and then offered up a new plan whereby the lad and myself would attempt to solicit funds for yet another orphanage from a church. It is a familiar storyline by now but it has the potential of some real fun.

The lad was asked if he wanted a brand new building or just funds to repair what he has. He replied.
Thanks for your mail, I think changing the roof and fixing some of the cracks on the walls, also getting some beds where the kids can sleep because they sleep on the mat on floor, will be cheaper than moving to a new place because new place will be more expensive and i wonโ€™t want you to spend so much because you want to assist us .so I think renovating the place will be better and cheaper for now my brother.
Mr Jack is cooperating with the minister and my other character who is the silent partner. So far, so good.
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