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Post by Bertje » Thu Mar 12, 2020 7:21 pm

As most baiters have catcher accounts, online profiles and other various ways to get scam emails and contacts from scammers, you may find that you have far more scammers than you have time to bait.

A quick and easy way you can hurt these scammers is by helping to associate their emails, phone numbers, and profiles with scams. Scamwarners wants these on their site so any potential victims who search will find clear evidence of advance fee fraud.

How quick and easy?

First, sign up at our sister site http://www.scamwarners.com
Once registering your account there, please send a PM to a Scamwarners moderator, indicating your 419eater username. This helps the Scamwarners team distinguish baiters from victims.

When you receive a new scam email, simply start a new thread at Scamwarners. There are a variety of different subforums dedicated to specific kinds of scams including
Advance fee fraud
Romance scams
Rental scams
Employment scams
Lottery scams
and many others. This does not include spam or phishing emails, though - just advance fee fraud.

What should go into the thread?

Use the scammer's name and email address (if you have it) as the subject line. Often the From: address will be a throwaway or forged, so use the Reply-To address if there is one.

Start the thread by listing the main information such as email addresses, phone numbers and websites the scammer is using (check the body of the message for these).

Next, quote the message the scammer has sent you, making sure to remove your own email address and any other personal details before doing so.

If it's a scammer using an online profile that is clearly fake (such as a romance scammer), post the actual profile information by copy-pasting. But please do not post links to the profiles themselves. Sometimes the profile alone is evidence, especially when there are stolen photos or the scammer can't get his own basic info straight. If you post any images make sure to watermark them "USED BY SCAMMER" (see this Scamwarners thread for full guidance on posting images there).

Here's an example of a recovery scam email posted at Scamwarners:
https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewt ... 4&t=138828

And here is an example of a romance scam message:
https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewt ... 3&t=139025

In all, it should only take a minute or two to make that name, initial script, and address searchable for potential victims. In addition, we have a number of posters over at Scamwarners who focus on following up on these scammers for more information--so if the basic info is posted, they will make it a point to get and post IP addresses and search for the scammers' other profiles, etc.

No further participation at Scamwarners is required, although if you wish to get involved in aspects of supporting victims and offering advice, that is also very welcome. Please remember, though, that Scamwarners is not a baiting site, and discussion of baiting is not appropriate there, nor is sarcasm, joking about the scams, or comments that may not be understood by many members.

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